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Remembrance by Scarlet Crow

Since I listened to Scarlet Crow’s debut album Remembrance for the first time, I have been playing it endlessly. Scarlet Crow is a collaboration of Marya Stark and Carmen Crow who ‘delve into the wounding and healing of the magical feminine, interspersed with storytelling, prayer, and future dreaming’. You can hear all of that in Remembrance! Due to the themes they address and their amazingly beautiful voices. Over all, I find their music very soothing and empowering. 🙂 Listen to the full album on Soundcloud and look up Scarlet Crow on their website. It’s hard to pick favourite songs, but for me these may be It’s Easier, In My Womb, All Or Nothing and Space Grace Freedom. These songs all have amazingly encouraging lines. Though, it’s definitely best to listen the whole thing through! “It’s easier once you begin, release and take the lead. All the truth you have within, inside the key you keep.”Scarlet Crow in It’s Easier Do you know other music I would like? Let me know in the comments!

Music by Braids and Blue Hawaii

Hi there! I am semi busy finishing stuff and getting packed, because I’m heading to Thailand this Friday! My boyfriend has been wandering around there for four months already and I’m joining him for five more weeks. I will try to squeeze in some writing before I leave, but I am not that organised. All right, I’ll do some squeezing right now. I’m procrastinating cleaning my room anyway. It’s always nice to share good music, so here’s one of my favourites: Braids! They are a three-piece experimental pop band from Montreal and their music is just really good. It takes some ‘getting used to it’, because it’s a bit unusual, but then it’s really cool. The voice of singer Raphaelle is really beautiful. She does a lot of long notes and I totally dig it. I know first two albums Native Speaker and Flourish // Perish and they’re good! I’ve been waiting for the right moment to write about them and now it’s here: They already have three records and now they are releasing a …

Favourites: Made in Heights & Before Sunrise

Here are two favourites I’d love to share with you today! Music: Made In Heights Made In Heights is a Los Angeles based music duo, adding hash tags as ‘mythical filth’, ‘pop fiction’ and ‘beauty slap’ to their songs on Soundcloud. Those terms didn’t mean anything to me, however, I can see how it fits to their music, with all the perfectly aligned samples and sounds creating something totally dreamy and mesmerizing, alternated with more upbeat and industrial parts. I love their songs so much. They have released the self-titled album Made In Heights in 2012 and already gave away five or six songs of their upcoming second album which ought to be released ‘in the beginning of 2015’. That shouldn’t take long, but until then I will happily continue playing the material that’s already there. It’s so good. I used to mainly listen to artists with male singers, but I actually really love Kelsey’s voice. I love singing myself and it’s amazing to sing their songs, because of the variations and the challenge. The …