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The advantages of wearing soft bras

Earlier I already wrote a bit about body image and self-love and how clothing can play a role in connecting to yourself and others. I believe that if we could value our appearances as less important, we would be able to connect more deeply with ourselves and one another. In my earlier posts I said something about simple clothing, being somehow neutral-looking and comfortable. On this topic, there is one specific thing I’d like to share further. Last fall I attended a Vipassana meditation course. I was just wearing comfortable clothes, all was fine. Until one day during meditation I got enormously aware of how uncomfortably tight my bra was. And really, it wasn’t enormously tight. It had been one of my favourite, best-fitting bras for years. Bras are supposed to be tight, that’s how they behave best. Say what? I got very confused and frustrated. Is this normal? Is this how it feels? I had heard of women disliking wearing bras and being really relieved when being able to take them off after a …

Take You Time to get balanced

[summary] Participating now in the 30 Days Of You Challenge of Collective Evolution may be the perfect thing get you more balanced and efficient! Are you joining? You only have to dedicate one hour daily on being with yourself. You can maybe combine it with 30 Days Of Yoga or with start living your wild feminine lifestyle, if it feels right! (And for the latter: if you’re a woman. Well, I’m not judging.) Also, the Dutch VeggieChallenge starts tomorrow! Would you like to eat more plant-based? Join in! I’d like to hear your thoughts on the challenges! Are you balanced already?