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Clothing reconsidered

In my post Love your Body I introduced the topic of body positivity. I wrote something about how I think getting used to being naked or else in simple clothing will be good for your body image and self-love. I then did not specify simple clothing which makes it a very vague statement, but I did mean something with it. Clothing often seems to be really important. I recall that when I had the age of five a group of girls didn’t let me play with them because I was not wearing a dress. Later, I felt regularly as if I wasn’t really wearing the right and nice clothes and as if that made me worth less. I feel as if it took me ages to somewhat find out what I want and don’t want to wear and I just still don’t know really. However, I did find some things. With the ‘simple clothing’ I meant two things. First is that the clothing that you wear as a person is often linked to your ego …

Take You Time to get balanced

[summary] Participating now in the 30 Days Of You Challenge of Collective Evolution may be the perfect thing get you more balanced and efficient! Are you joining? You only have to dedicate one hour daily on being with yourself. You can maybe combine it with 30 Days Of Yoga or with start living your wild feminine lifestyle, if it feels right! (And for the latter: if you’re a woman. Well, I’m not judging.) Also, the Dutch VeggieChallenge starts tomorrow! Would you like to eat more plant-based? Join in! I’d like to hear your thoughts on the challenges! Are you balanced already?