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Happy Winter Solstice!

We have arrived at the winter solstice of the Northern Hemisphere! We have successfully navigated through the darkening days, the period in which darkness grows. We have come through Halloween, and the full length of autumn. Autumn was really sweet this year, wasn’t it? Autumn colours prevailed for a long time. And now: Happy solstice! Let’s celebrate this point of maximum darkness, and the turning point after which the tide turns towards more light. What will the light bring? What’s in it for us this upcoming season? For all people who do not particularly value celebrating Christmas, including me, I wish for us to celebrate the solstice instead. After all, isn’t this how Christmas started? Living with the cycles of nature is wonderful. It’s crazy to think that we humans are getting more and more loose from these cycles, because of artificial lighting and what-not. So until quite recently, we were much more in tune with the natural cycles of nature and the Earth. I’d say we are likely even built to be so in …

The cycles of nature

“And no she did not apologize for giving her blood to the earth”
Here is a small collection of pictures, which resonate a lot with me right now. The plants help to see the beauty of nature, of growth, of the reproductive cycles, of being female and bearing everything in us.
Spring is booming so you can see it everywhere; the gentle reminders showing that life is beautiful. I strive to get more attuned to my cycles and the cycles of the world. I think that women should honour their menstrual cycle, instead of shaming, ignoring and hiding it. We can learn to work with nature instead of against it.
Our menstrual cycles are as beautiful as the cycles of fruit trees and bushes.
In addition, I find that using a menstrual cup and pretty re-usable menstrual pads feels way better to me than using ‘conventional’ one-time-use tampons and pads.