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Battle of the bloggers: quantity vs. quality

Here’s an observation: Is it so that media, including bloggers and vloggers, are more about quantity than quality? Meaning the quantity of updates, blogs, vlogs, articles, references and most of all: the quantity of readers and the money that can be made through these readers. This is quite a negative view, but I am seriously concerned about it. I get it: in order to be financially independent one needs to generate income. Writers and vloggers would like to earn money through doing what they love. My problem is that I don’t see the big picture anymore. I wonder: how many people are writers, social media managers, bloggers and vloggers these days? And how many people are willingly reading or viewing their products and for how many people does this actually contribute to their well-being? The mentioned ‘producers’ aim to contribute to the lives of their users, but it occurs to me as if that aim easily becomes secondary to the aim of gaining readers and followers and obtaining personal benefits like money, certain privileges and …

Post Secret community art project

This post is about a really cool community art project: Post Secret, for which people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.
This results in enormously impressive honesty on insecurities and vulnerability. It gives insight in so many different forms of conflict and trouble in human nature, in relationships, in society, etc. I find it really interesting to get to read the secrets different people harbour. It is so real, so recognizable. We all have secrets, be it small or bigger ones. We have troubles coping with our feelings. We are so similar.