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Female Empowerment Friday

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I am very passionate about female empowerment. I want all humans to be empowered, and I think that equality both contributes to that and comes as a result of it: empowerment brings equality and equality brings empowerment, ultimately. Because of the many gender-related issues I experience, I cheer of joy every time I find anything that contributes to overcoming these issues. To share the joy, today I list three amazing artists and their art pieces […]

Last-minute gifting: massage bar of choice (for lovers!)

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Every December I find myself not wanting to have to buy gifts. In addition, this year I also vowed to not order gifts online. I care too much for sustainability to carelessly buy whatever. Yes, making people happy is nice, but too often people don’t get much happier through receiving not-asked-for gifts. People (should) know well what stuff they use and do not use and so what would contribute to their happiness; it is often […]

Barbie’s got Curves

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In the absence of interesting personal experiences, I’ll just write about Barbie’s. The iconic doll Barbie not only got a large array of accessories, careers, relationships, style, she has also been critiqued widely for her ‘far from average’ body negatively influencing body image and for over all distorting the world view of the little children playing with her. In reaction to declining sales rates, with Disney’s Frozen Elsa and Lego taking over market shares, Mattel […]

The advantages of wearing soft bras

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Earlier I already wrote a bit about body image and self-love and how clothing can play a role in connecting to yourself and others. I believe that if we could value our appearances as less important, we would be able to connect more deeply with ourselves and one another. In my earlier posts I said something about simple clothing, being somehow neutral-looking and comfortable. On this topic, there is one specific thing I’d like to […]

Clothing reconsidered

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In my post Love your Body I introduced the topic of body positivity. I wrote something about how I think getting used to being naked or else in simple clothing will be good for your body image and self-love. I then did not specify simple clothing which makes it a very vague statement, but I did mean something with it. Clothing often seems to be really important. I recall that when I had the age […]

Love your Body

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about both physical and mental health and taking good care of yourself. One thing that bothers me tremendously is the beauty industry, for they want you to believe you’re ugly, so you’ll buy their products. This quote I heard in a video summing up advices on how to live a happy life: ‘Don’t read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.’ That one really struck me. It’s […]