To have a life purpose

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Whoosh, autumn is totally rocking this week! Although I’m not thrilled about it, I can find peace in the idea that this means that we get to create and enjoy the indoor cosiness that usually comes with gloomy weather. I really feel like cosying up together with others. As if aligned with the weather, this week my body actually forced me to stop doing anything besides taking rest. This was hard to accept at first, but now I am happy I got to spend some time with myself.

I’ve been wanting to share with you something: I have found my life purpose! I will not specify it here yet, but I am positive that knowing it will help me a lot. I cannot know if it will last for my whole life, but I think that it will last for a long time and that it will help me in my life and that it will guide me to where I need to go. I do regard it as my life purpose, it feels completely right.

Before, I didn’t think people had real life purposes. Sure, we can give ourselves assignments and call it our purpose, but does it come from a higher knowing? Is it meant to be like this or could it just have been anything else? Now I totally think it is possible like that, to have a true life purpose! I cannot speak for everyone, but for many people it should be possible to get a sense of what it is they should be doing.

I’m telling you that it is possible to have a life purpose, because until recently no one ever told me.

And I’m telling you this, because until recently no one ever told me! Many people are sceptical about these kind of things, but if you are not, it can open up many possibilities. And the best thing is: you are the only true authority! No one can know better than you what path you should be on, where you have to go. This means that ultimately you can rely on yourself, on your own judgement, your intuition. This may sound scary, but it is also liberating.

Many of us, including myself, have never learnt to trust ourselves fully. I see now that even though I am not there yet, I have the possibility to learn to trust myself, to follow my own intuition and thereby to create my own path. I do not know how it is going to be, but I am confident that it is possible as long as I keep the intention of doing so in my heart. Thereby I trust that I will be able to overcome difficulties that arise, step by step.

Maybe this seems too optimistic or romantic. I realise that I am lucky to live in a safe environment that allows me to experiment. But I am also aware of the fact that following our hearts is necessary to contribute to a better world.

The reason that I do not write out my life purpose is that I do not want to steer others into a particular way of thinking. Life purposes may vary widely and mine is just one form or example. Exchanging ideas is extremely useful, but in this case doing so in another settings is probably better than bluntly pouring every detail on a web page.

More to follow soon-ish about some of the things that helped me get some insights lately. Stay tuned!

Feel free to share any ideas or thoughts if you want.

With love,

Mulching on a Dream: harvest July ’17

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Nature / Other

For some time I’ve been meaning to show you our garden, but it’s rather messy (permaculture-ish) which makes that it takes some effort and skills to take good pictures. So I did not do that yet. Today, however, we had such a great-looking harvest that I wanted to show you!

The garden is managed by three people and we started this year only. It’s an allotment garden in the city where we live. The garden is a really lively place with all the plants and (mainly) insects.

This was today:

garden harvest July 2017

The pumpkins should grow orange, but since the plants are producing so many big ones already and we’re going on holidays next week (we’ll disappear on The Day Out Of Time!), we figured we may better already take some, so the plant can use its energy to further develop smaller ones.

The yellow UFO-like veggies are the newest addition to my long long inner ‘favourite veggies’ list: they’re called patisson. The plant is of the same species as your ‘regular’ pumpkins and courgettes: the species Cucurbita pepo. I mostly just like their looks, including shape and colour, and the structure. The taste is not enormously special, but it’s nice. Plus, it’s super awesome how one plant can produce dozens of fruits, and how it looks how all these cute yellow things are sitting and growing on the plant. If you ever have a chance to see such a plant: do it!

Generally it is super nice to see how plants, including fruits and veggies, grow. It’s so amazing how plants know exactly what to do and how they turn nutrients, water and sunlight into these lovely structures. I’m happy we can experience this in the garden. Of course, you can experience this in other natural areas or gardens too.

Enjoy your time!

PS Mulching on a Dream is the new name of my garden posts. It’s funny, right? I love it.

Natural time: a new year

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July 26 is the start of a new year: the year of the Yellow Crystal Seed. You see, there are different ways to make sense of time. The calendar as we know and generally use, the Gregorian calendar with its twelve months per year, is just one of those systems. Another and perhaps a more logical and useful system is the one presented in the 13 Moon calendar.

The 13 Moon calender actually includes multiple ‘systems’ or cycles, being: moons and moon phases, plasma seals, and the Tzolkin calendar of the Maya.

I actually do not know what this all means, YET. I got a physical 13 Moon calendar for the upcoming year (see picture below) so to experience if using it helps me. And through this post I want to say: if you’re interested in using a different, universal calendar: this is a good time to start your investigation! Because a new year is starting next week…

13 moon calander 2017-2018

“This is a time for positive synergy and expansion,
perseverance and commitment to holistic evolution,
and welcoming the unfolding of our divinely encoded potential.”
13 Moon website

…and it will be a good one! So do not miss out on this opportunity to get more attuned to the universe. Well, it’s available to you anyway, in case you want to use it. 🙂

Returning home

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Hello all,

I just crawled out of bed in the night with hunger and some nice clear thoughts. 🙂

Recent times have been so interesting. I have been stuck in some senses, while at the same time I have experienced a lot. My life has been simple in ways, which allowed me to clear my vision. I am in a place where it is easy to tell what is what, what is whose, where does it come from.

Certain streams of events are challenging me in new ways. Or I am seeing the challenges differently now.

Concerning challenges, I believe that they will come to you in the right way or moment. Some events can be wholly overwhelming and you may feel not ready to face it all, but that is okay. The lessons can and will come later, when you have more space to process them.

After all, we cannot do all at once. Life comes to us in little steps. We cannot foresee the whole process or the course of our lives from where we are now, and that’s okay. If we could, it would be too much information at once, right? I’d certainly go mad.

What we can do now is to live by the moment and take it as it comes. To see, feel, listen. To experience. To respond to how life presents itself. To watch it unfold.

I seem to have, partly but not never completely for this is impossible, cut myself off from my inner knowing, my intuition. Getting reconnected is what I am doing these months, years. As an important side-track to my ‘main occupation’ studying that is.

I sense that my soul is calling me. I feel like I am on the verge of a great transformation. Like I am getting closer to the point where I am ready to let go of what does not serve me, and to re-embrace what I have cut off and abandoned in the past.

I am still learning to take up more space, and now my body and soul are encouraging me to follow through. I feel this urge to scream, sing, move, dance, run. I feel trapped in my habit patterns and I know that it’s time to transform. It’s time to listen to my inner knowing and express myself fully. This will set me free.

“It is a profound feature of the wild psyche that if we do not come on our own, if we aren’t paying attention to our own seasons and the time for return, the Old One will come for us, calling and calling until something in us responds.”Clarissa Pinkola Estés, p. 299 in Women Who Run With the Wolves


Until next time.

With love,

Image through Pixabay

The cycles of nature

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Body / Nature / Other


“And no she did not apologize for giving her blood to the earth”Scarlet Crow in Scarlet Moon

Here is a small collection of pictures, which resonate a lot with me right now. The plants help to see the beauty of nature, of growth, of the reproductive cycles, of being female and bearing everything in us. Spring is booming so you can see it everywhere; the gentle reminders showing that life is beautiful.

I strive to get more attuned to my cycles and the cycles of the world. I think that women should honour their menstrual cycle, instead of shaming, ignoring and hiding it. We can learn to work with nature instead of against it.

Our menstrual cycles are as beautiful as the cycles of fruit trees and bushes.

In addition, I find that using a menstrual cup and pretty re-usable menstrual pads feels way better to me than using ‘conventional’ one-time-use tampons and pads. This menstrual cup is ‘Wild Cherry’ of LadyCup.

Cherry picture through Pixabay

Remembrance by Scarlet Crow

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Art / music

Since I listened to Scarlet Crow’s debut album Remembrance for the first time, I have been playing it endlessly. Scarlet Crow is a collaboration of Marya Stark and Carmen Crow who ‘delve into the wounding and healing of the magical feminine, interspersed with storytelling, prayer, and future dreaming’. You can hear all of that in Remembrance! Due to the themes they address and their amazingly beautiful voices. Over all, I find their music very soothing and empowering. 🙂

Listen to the full album on Soundcloud and look up Scarlet Crow on their website.

It’s hard to pick favourite songs, but for me these may be It’s Easier, In My Womb, All Or Nothing and Space Grace Freedom. These songs all have amazingly encouraging lines. Though, it’s definitely best to listen the whole thing through!

Scarlet Crow

“It’s easier once you begin, release and take the lead.
All the truth you have within, inside the key you keep.”Scarlet Crow in It’s Easier

Do you know other music I would like? Let me know in the comments!

Not a food blog

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Today I want to reach out to those who came here because they thought Munching on a Dream was a food blog. It is really more than that!


I like food and I have posted many food related posts. Nevertheless, I do not consider this blog as a food blog! Since the beginning, which is already 2.5 years ago, helping and inspiring people to shift to a (more) vegan diet has been one of my aims, however, I always considered other themes as equally important.

Next to veganism, I wanted to promote other forms or aspects of sustainability. The Dream in the name Munching on a Dream was always meant as something to strive for, an ideal world. (The Munching part was a reference to eating food, but also on considering ideas and working them out, while thoughtfully or mindfully nibbling on your food. So yeah, the Dream could also just be delicious food.)

Now, my sustainability interest has evolved into an enormous interest in ‘spirituality’ or ‘personal growth’. The theme of connecting with others through being vulnerable has already had quite some attention and blog posts here, but I am diving deeper. I now more than ever feel the need to be with myself as I am, and to allow others to do the same. We can do this through building and strengthening the sense of community among people, to allow everyone to feel supported.

As usual, I don’t know where I am heading. Most important is that I am moving and that it feels good. It does not always feel good, because actually it is pretty hard work, but I sense that it is good. At the moment I cannot tell whether my head is empty or full, but I am at peace.

I hope you are still with me. Let us support each other and grow together!

Today I figured that the word femininspiration might be a thing. When I tried, I found a Pinterest page filled with quotes like these: ‘we rise by lifting others’, ‘be the woman you needed as a girl’ and ‘behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back’. These may be somewhat cliché, but they are so true. I realised recently that I experience a lack of true (female) role models. At least, I have had a difficult time finding them!

So, let’s own ourselves and be the role models we and others need or needed in the past! I am trying to live up to these words, one moment and one step at a time.

To conclude: this blog is not a food blog, it’s more of a spiritual growth & support blog.

And to come back to the sustainability part of the story:


“Climate change is a spiritual crisis.”

Let’s work on our world problems through working on ourselves and helping each other doing so too! I don’t mean to say that this is all we can do, but I am convinced that doing this work is needed to come to a truly sustainable way of living with all human beings. And it’s more fun too!

Have a good journey!

With love,

Blueberry pie & People’s Climate March

The Feminine uncovered

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Something really powerful is happening: women all over the world are empowering themselves and others through reconnecting with the feminine. It appears that for way too long we have been living in societies dominated by the masculine. Masculinity is generally regarded as more powerful than femininity and its power has brought us to where we are today, but to grow further we need to embrace the feminine and reclaim our feminine power.

My interested in femininity got renewed after reading and hearing about the ongoing developments. This is a movement I would want to be part of! However, first I’d have to connect to the feminine myself… What is femininity really? And how does it relate to female, and to masculine and male?

The search

In my search, last December I suggested to a feminism discussion group to discuss a theme related to it: sexuality, femininity and masculinity, to which extent we identify with our sex and gender and which role this plays in society. A few weeks later I found myself hosting the very discussion. Most of all, I was hoping to get loads of interesting input from the group, for it to be a fruitful discussion of which we could all learn.

First, I set out to get clarity about the terms male, female, masculinity and femininity. I assumed we’d be on a similar page, or that we could work it out quickly, but it wasn’t easy! The discussion never really headed to where I intended it to go, because it kept being stuck here in the conceptualisation stage. For clarity and fun, we constructed lists of qualities we thought fit masculine and feminine. Sadly, they were really messy. After playing, the conclusion from the group was: ‘This is bullshit, this is what lives in our society but it’s not true. There’s no such thing as masculine (male) or feminine (female) qualities.’ (The terms masculine and male, as well as feminine and female, kept being mixed up throughout the discussion.)

Then I asked the group: ‘So if this is your conclusion, does that mean that you do not identify with being either male or female?’ Eyes widened by surprise. Things were about to get more interesting! And that’s exactly when we were asked to leave the café, because it was closing. We drifted apart.

I was disappointed by how the discussion went, but it also illustrated that it is indeed a tough subject to talk about! For most people it is not clear what these terms are supposed to mean. Is there even a clear definition? Is it possible to define?

The understanding

My search didn’t end here. I browsed some books about related themes and I have been following a few websites, etcetera. And now, finally, I found an awesome illustration of what the difference between the feminine and the masculine. I am thrilled to pour at least some of it into this blog post, hoping to make it more clear for myself and others and to keep the conversation and movement going and growing.

In my understanding femininity and masculinity are energies. We all have both in us, but in varying ratios. Most females have more femininity than masculinity, and most males have it the other way around. I find it plausible for these energies to be at play when selecting a partner: we seek a partner whose energies complement our own. However, these energies are not static; they flow. There’s an ever-changing flow of energies.

Illustrated by Claire Zammit

Before, I listened to a podcast by Claire Zammit, co-creator of the Feminine Power training courses which have helped hundreds of thousands of women to get empowered. She talked about the feminine in a way I hadn’t heard before. Read More