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My one-woman circle

Hey you, I miss writing for writing’s sake. I have this new website for my mini yoga business and future women circles (which I keep writing about but not actually doing!), and I even got back to social media for it after having had a glorious break, but I have not found my true way with these new Nina-outlets. Maybe I am meant to be writing in English after all. It goes much easier, funnily. I think that is partly because since it’s not my main language, it feels less sincere and important and more fun. But of course in this case, my yoga copy is supposed to be selling yoga classes (eventually…), instead of just filling up a random blog named Munching on a Dream. 🙂 So that’s a different story! And also, I would really want to have a huge positive impact in the world and I would love to use my writing for it, and my voice, but I have not completely found my way yet. And I am being quite hard …

Starting out as a Yoga Teacher

This is to let you know I am officially starting out as a Kundalini Yoga teacher! I am having my own class, in the early morning of Wednesdays. I made posters for it and spread them through town!

At first I was pretty nervous about spreading the posters, because I was afraid people would not like them or me. I felt vulnerable, especially since I drew and wrote the posters by hand. But actually I really love how they turned out, so after hanging some I feel confident again.

And hey, I’m just starting out! I get plenty opportunity to grow as a Teacher and as a person! Every week in my class, for starters. 🙂

More info on those weekly classes (in Wageningen) on

I promise to come around with non-yoga- or slightly-yoga-related posts some time. I have a new (Fair)phone with a good camera so I can re-start gathering vegan food pictures for the vegan food gallery, for example (insofar it’s still relevant in current vegan-friendly times).

Happy Winter Solstice!

We have arrived at the winter solstice of the Northern Hemisphere! We have successfully navigated through the darkening days, the period in which darkness grows. We have come through Halloween, and the full length of autumn. Autumn was really sweet this year, wasn’t it? Autumn colours prevailed for a long time. And now: Happy solstice! Let’s celebrate this point of maximum darkness, and the turning point after which the tide turns towards more light. What will the light bring? What’s in it for us this upcoming season? For all people who do not particularly value celebrating Christmas, including me, I wish for us to celebrate the solstice instead. After all, isn’t this how Christmas started? Living with the cycles of nature is wonderful. It’s crazy to think that we humans are getting more and more loose from these cycles, because of artificial lighting and what-not. So until quite recently, we were much more in tune with the natural cycles of nature and the Earth. I’d say we are likely even built to be so in …

Life/plans taking form

Sat Nam,

Yes, I am a yogi now, so this is how I greet you. 😉 In all seriousness, I have been incorporating Kundalini Yoga in my routine, in baby steps. This past weekend was the fourth weekend of my L1 Teacher Training and I gave my first yoga class*! This happened during the collective morning practice, the sadhana. I liked it a lot and I wasn’t even nervous about it on the day itself. Maybe I found my thing at last. Or part of it. (*I taught the Kriya for the Lymph Glands, it’s a great one, like most are.)

More serious news is that I am in doubt over whether to renew this domain or not. As you may notice right now: I have not been using this page, and I doubt if anyone has found it useful in the meantime. One reason for all this doubt and non-behaviour is that I am starting a new project and website in the future: Sita Angad Kaur is my spiritual name, hence the domain name.

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On my path & the kundalini yoga chapter

After my latest burst of inspiration for my blog in November, I have again found other inspirations elsewhere. I drifted away, again. I came back now because I keep having this need to justify and explain my writing behaviour and patterns. This comes forth of my need to live my soul purpose and to justify to myself why I am not fully doing that yet. These months I am doing a lot of inner work. The purpose is to get clear on my purpose and my very next moves, and to transform some inner blockages. I am full of dreams, but being practical about it, is not one of my strengths yet. Part of my difficulties seems to stem from the fact that my main interests are hard to put in boxes. I cannot even put it in words yet. I am interested in sustainability on a systems level: I love the interactions. I love to see, on the broader scale, what goes wrong and what goes well. I love to relate our personal experiences …

Stories of clothes and ourselves – a wardrobe update

Earlier I shared with you my enthusiasm for the capsule wardrobe: a simplistic method that, when applied correctly, would free you from all wardrobe misery. I set out to play with it, and I already wrote some thoughts about my experiences. Here are a few more of those thoughts & experiences. A few months ago I had a short period of visiting webshops to browse through pictures of clothing, searching for items I’d consider buying. I then would consider buying them for a bit, to undecidedly leave the matter for later. I repeated this process several time, for fun. Browsing for clothes is kinda fun. You get to create these stories in your head about them and about yourself. But then apparently my attention shifted away towards other activities. I went on doing other stuff and forgot the whole clothing browse. But where did the stories go? Did they stay or leave? The reason I am writing this out is that it’s a classic story. We want to do something to make us feel happier …

My spiritual background

It’s time for me to write something about my spiritual background! In the last few years I have learnt a lot and I have come to feel more secure about talking and writing about the theme of spirituality or consciousness. Also, recently I promoted my blog a little more and a friend even interviewed me about consciousness and meditation for his website. So now seems a good time to unfold a little, for who is interested. Some of you may recognize yourself in my story. At least now you’ll know better where me and my writings are coming from. I will attempt to keep it short. Questions can always be asked, and they may be answered. I did not write about ‘my spiritual background’ before, mostly because I deemed it not so important. I figured readers would get the vibe of my writing and that would be enough. The right stuff would come up in my posts anyways. But now I’ll give you a better picture of my path so far! Life story As a child …

Capsule wardrobe + me

My approach to clothing is changing! I started to use the principles of the capsule wardrobe. Many bloggers have gone before me, but now is my time to join in. Simply put, I want pretty, sustainable and ethically made clothes; I want to be happy with my clothes; I want to buy less miss-buys (that make me unhappy); and I want my clothes to go together better so to more easily make stunning outfits. Also, I want to have proper clothes for all occasions and, you know, for me. My old approach For some years I’ve been aware of the many ethical problems in the fashion industry. However, I used to simply withdraw from the conversation, because I hardly bought new clothes. I just set out to ‘use up’ the clothes I already owned (mostly gathered in my teen years and early 20s – I’m 25 years-old now) and supplement with new-to-me second-hand items. And okay, I would get some new organic cotton or otherwise okay basics occasionally. And sometimes something else new when I …