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The cycles of nature

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“And no she did not apologize for giving her blood to the earth”Scarlet Crow in Scarlet Moon Here is a small collection of pictures, which resonate a lot with me right now. The plants help to see the beauty of nature, of growth, of the reproductive cycles, of being female and bearing everything in us. Spring is booming so you can see it everywhere; the gentle reminders showing that life is beautiful. I strive to […]

Shea butter for the skin

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It’s a giant jar of shea butter! For size reference purpose I added the tiniest Minneapolis apple. Shea butter is my favourite skin care product. This means a lot, since I am a regular sufferer of eczema, dry skin, allergies, itches and the like. I like how shea butter is just a natural product without perfumes or other things added. It’s super creamy and fatty and it really relieves my skin. Other fatty products like […]

The Life-changing Menstrual Cup

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Are you a woman regularly experiencing all the troubles that come with having your menstruation period? And have you then already been introduced to the menstrual cup? If your answered ‘yes’ followed by a ‘no’: I’ll hook you up! I promise your life will never be the same again after letting the menstrual cup in. If you answered the questions differently: you too are very welcome. The menstrual cup can be used as an alternative […]

Mineral salt as a deodorant

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Sweating is a completely natural process, but why-oh-why does it have to be so wet and stinky in some areas? Well, there’s many sweat glands over there! For some reason or another. Anyways, I do know that the widely advertised chemical perfumed deodorants don’t appeal to me, for multiple reasons. The most important being that I definitely want one that hasn’t been tested on animals and it turned out years ago* that most of them don’t […]