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The Circle: we are all connected, all the time

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The Circle, written by Dave Eggers, is a novel sketching a terribly plausible scenario for the future. The story is about an employee at The Circle, a young and hugely successful company that has started integrating all different online services into only one interface, to make your life easier. But that’s not all the company does: it not only markets its products but also its philosophies. The story starts when Mae Holland, a woman in […]

The Best Resolution

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Thinking of resolutions and new beginnings, reminded me of this poster. There’s so much truth in there and it’s so soothing to read those words. I would love to see it hanging in my room, but I don’t fully see where it would fit. I need more surfaces in my life. You can order the poster here on The print also comes as postcards – those would make awesome presents! But don’t forget to keep […]