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Must-see documentary: The Goddess Project

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I urge you to go see The Goddess Project, if you haven’t seen it yet. I am tremendously positive and enthusiastic about it and I know why. The movie is a compilation of the most powerful pieces of conversation the film makers had with over 100 women in the US. I am so happy this documentary is made. The things that are said are SO enormously important for everyone to hear, to know. The themes […]

Remembrance by Scarlet Crow

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Since I listened to Scarlet Crow’s debut album Remembrance for the first time, I have been playing it endlessly. Scarlet Crow is a collaboration of Marya Stark and Carmen Crow who ‘delve into the wounding and healing of the magical feminine, interspersed with storytelling, prayer, and future dreaming’. You can hear all of that in Remembrance! Due to the themes they address and their amazingly beautiful voices. Over all, I find their music very soothing […]

Cliteracy by Sophia Wallace

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Artist Sophia Wallace aims to improve the role female pleasure organs have in our cultures and our bedrooms. She does this through her ongoing art project called Clitoracy. Do check out her website, texts and artworks including the first – and beautiful –  anatomically correct sculpture of the clitoris and TEDx Talk! They’re amazing and needed. Artwork in the image from street art page. I think it’s absolutely stunning. I wish I had something like […]

The art of being like zen dog

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“He knows not where he’s going For the ocean will decide – It’s not the DESTINATION… … It’s the glory of THE RIDE” For everyone who doesn’t know where they are going: be more like zen dog. Having a goal can surely help you, but most important is being happy in this very moment. This moment is all there will ever be. So let us enjoy the ride while it lasts, instead of focussing only […]

Music by Braids and Blue Hawaii

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Hi there! I am semi busy finishing stuff and getting packed, because I’m heading to Thailand this Friday! My boyfriend has been wandering around there for four months already and I’m joining him for five more weeks. I will try to squeeze in some writing before I leave, but I am not that organised. All right, I’ll do some squeezing right now. I’m procrastinating cleaning my room anyway. It’s always nice to share good music, […]

The Circle: we are all connected, all the time

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The Circle, written by Dave Eggers, is a novel sketching a terribly plausible scenario for the future. The story is about an employee at The Circle, a young and hugely successful company that has started integrating all different online services into only one interface, to make your life easier. But that’s not all the company does: it not only markets its products but also its philosophies. The story starts when Mae Holland, a woman in […]

The Sad Ghost Club

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‘If you’ve ever been sad, then you’re already a member. The Sad Ghost Club is a club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club.’ Founders Laura and Lize started their small creative project of making comic books, zines, apparel and merchandise to spread awareness of mental health. They also work together with mental health charities and they organise workshops […]