Welcome to Munching on a Dream, on which I write about important and nice things to make the world a better place. I am pretty busy figuring out life and I’d like to take you with me on this journey.

My name is Nina de Haan, I am 25 years old, female and I am born and raised in the Netherlands. I did my bachelors in Biology/Ecology and now I study MSc Environmental Sciences. I chose Biology because nothing could be more beautiful and fascinating than Nature, with all its living organisms that miraculously came to existence and have managed to adapt to their ever-changing environment ever since. Now I feel the need to treasure those living beings and take care of them, in terms of doing our best to make sure our behaviour is influencing our shared environment the least as possible, so to cause the least amount of stress. That’s important.

I care about the environment because of all living creatures depending on it. I wish for all beings to be happy, and therefore I’ll write about happy things – like food. I like food. I decided to adopt the vegan diet in late 2014 and it feels completely right. There’s already lots of cooking, eating and writing vegans out there, but still I like to regularly share some food pictures and ideas.

Also, I like the more holistic approach of not only focusing on the outside world, but also on our inside worlds. I hope that through personal development or spiritual growth we can make this world a better place for all of us.

If you have suggestions or contributions of any kind: they are more than welcome. I am no expert in the things I write about, nevertheless I hope to spread important ideas and keep the conversations going. Please join in by writing comments! Or use the contact form if you have special requests or other comments.

Hopefully you like my writings and decide to stick around!  That would be so nice.

I’ll write to you soon!