Year: 2020

My one-woman circle

Hey you, I miss writing for writing’s sake. I have this new website for my mini yoga business and future women circles (which I keep writing about but not actually doing!), and I even got back to social media for it after having had a glorious break, but I have not found my true way with these new Nina-outlets. Maybe I am meant to be writing in English after all. It goes much easier, funnily. I think that is partly because since it’s not my main language, it feels less sincere and important and more fun. But of course in this case, my yoga copy is supposed to be selling yoga classes (eventually…), instead of just filling up a random blog named Munching on a Dream. 🙂 So that’s a different story! And also, I would really want to have a huge positive impact in the world and I would love to use my writing for it, and my voice, but I have not completely found my way yet. And I am being quite hard …

Starting out as a Yoga Teacher

This is to let you know I am officially starting out as a Kundalini Yoga teacher! I am having my own class, in the early morning of Wednesdays. I made posters for it and spread them through town!

At first I was pretty nervous about spreading the posters, because I was afraid people would not like them or me. I felt vulnerable, especially since I drew and wrote the posters by hand. But actually I really love how they turned out, so after hanging some I feel confident again.

And hey, I’m just starting out! I get plenty opportunity to grow as a Teacher and as a person! Every week in my class, for starters. 🙂

More info on those weekly classes (in Wageningen) on

I promise to come around with non-yoga- or slightly-yoga-related posts some time. I have a new (Fair)phone with a good camera so I can re-start gathering vegan food pictures for the vegan food gallery, for example (insofar it’s still relevant in current vegan-friendly times).