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Know your value

Dear lovers, I likely need to restructure my work (here) so to make it more accessible and more valuable. I will update you as soon as I know more about how it will happen. 💓 Now I will share something I wrote half a year ago about knowing your value. Since then, I have come to value myself a lot more.

I get so caught up in world problems and in feeling responsible for things, including the feelings of people around me, that I forget to just be.

I still have this negative belief that I am not good enough or not worthy of love. This belief tells me that I have to meet all kinds of requirements to earn respect and love. Conditional love this is.

I also hold the belief that I am ugly. I feel ashamed for having this belief. I feel torn between loving myself and my body and being humble. I long for looks to not matter and for not judging people or bodies based on their looks. On the other hand I wish to appreciate beauty, all beauty of the world. Human bodies are beautiful, just like other forms of nature are beautiful.

I need to come to terms with my value. My value is not determined by these thousand possible requirements or by my appearance. I do need to regard myself as valuable. My value is within, in my being.

I am not more valuable than others, but I am experiencing this world through me. Therefore, to me I am the most valuable. My world, inner and outer, are most valuable and they need to be treated as such.

My body is my vessel. It is so wonderful and useful to me, allowing me to sense, to move, to experience everything so intensely. I am thankful for my body.

It is so diminishing to judge a body or a person merely for its physical looks, based on our limited perception of beauty as is part of our culture. And even though I manage to not harshly judge others, it’s most difficult to stop judging myself. This is a process that can take many lifetimes to complete. And that is okay.

I have read The Woman Code by Sophia A. Nelson, and Code 1 is to Know your value. This code forms the base of all other codes described in the book. It is so true. Your whole way of being is based upon how you value yourself. All your beliefs are based on how you value yourself and how you relate yourself to your surroundings.

Choose to be aware of your belief systems and choose to value yourself. Value yourself as you are worth.

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Harmony-seeking quiet observer learning to speak loud and clear when needed. Acknowledges both the complexity and simplicity of the world. Above all aims to influence the world in a positive way by being a good person.

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