Month: April 2018

Around the World ~artwork~

This will break the silence: a donut-shaped Earth painted on a tea table by my boyfriend and me! We do believe in a ball-shaped Earth. However there is some sense in the image, since we humans tend to look up from the Earth to the sky and its celestial bodies. It’s an interesting perspective at least. This month I’ve been very busy with my internship and shipping myself back and forth accross the country. Hopefully the storm will calm and I can get some peace more easily.

Vegetarian satchel bag review

Today I’ll write something rather silly: a review of the faux-leather satchel bag of the vegan brand Vegetarian Shoes. Serious background: ☘ Supporting fair brands with a vision = supporting said vision and helping said brands to have a positive impact. ☘ The brand Vegetarian Shoes develops durable/high-quality fake leather materials. ☘ Shopping at Vegetarian Shoes will stimulate further developments. The experiential part: I got the satchel bag in red. I remember falling for a similar red bag about 10 years ago. That bag was made of leather and too expensive for me then. This time I had been waiting for a new bag to come along, because my go-to bag is through. So I took a train to the shop Vega-Life in Amsterdam and got it! I like writing about the bag, because my experiences are a little funny. On the one side the bag is really pretty and a little funky because of the colour, at least I think so. I love the Vegetarian Shoes-label, which has a great function of proving the material is fake …