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Last-minute gifting: massage bar of choice (for lovers!)

Every December I find myself not wanting to have to buy gifts. In addition, this year I also vowed to not order gifts online. I care too much for sustainability to carelessly buy whatever. Yes, making people happy is nice, but too often people don’t get much happier through receiving not-asked-for gifts.

People (should) know well what stuff they use and do not use and so what would contribute to their happiness; it is often impractical for family members and friends to interfere. There are exceptions, of course, but if you find yourself desperately searching for gifts, you’re not likely to end up gifting something worth giving (according to the receiver!).

Some years ago I already wrote about gift-giving: consider sustainability, give something personal, give an activity, buy second-hand, etcetera.

We’re living on December 22 now, so you may be stressed out. Well, I have something for you to give your close friends and family members: a coupon for a massage bar of choice from LUSH! To be clear: I made it and it is not worth a thing, so no free massage bars for you here.


I do think it is a great gift, because: LUSH is a great company, selling purely vegetarian (mostly vegan!), hand-made, ethical and cruelty-free, often package-free, high-quality products. LUSH also actively campaigns against animal testing. (Massage bars visible on the coupon are vegan.)

Because: massage( bar)s can promote a healthy relationship with one’s body. They can be used by lover couples or by single lovers. In the case of couples one bar makes a fine present, no need to get two.

Giving the coupon allows people to choose their favourite bar themselves, which may increase appreciation of the gift. This also allows for them to be honest about not wanting a massage bar, since you did not already buy it (and thereby force it onto them really). If this happens, gracefully take it back. They likely appreciate your gesture and thoughtfulness and do not mean to offend you. You do not have to feel offended.

You may need a good non-awkward relationship with the people you give it to, for I can imagine not everyone will appreciate getting such a potentially intimate gift from everyone. On the other side, I do think it can also be a great conversation-starter. It can also open up taboos (about bodies and needs and such!) and improve relationships.

I want to be able to give such presents to the people I care about. Touch and intimacy are important for one’s well-being and I gladly contribute to that through gifting massage bars.

So I think it’s neat! Let me know if you appreciate it & if you decide to use it. I’d love to hear.

Happy holidays!

Available versions: English & Dutch. You can add text anywhere on the coupon, for example in the dashed empty bar space or on the back. Text could be your name(s), order date, website of LUSH (in your country), closest LUSH store or a (Christmas) greeting. You can also clip the coupon to a postcard with a personal message. For pros: add an actual, personal massage to the gift!

My family doesn’t read my blog – or do they?

LUSH has nothing to do with this post, they don’t even know I or this post exist. 🙂

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