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Must-see documentary: The Goddess Project

I urge you to go see The Goddess Project, if you haven’t seen it yet. I am tremendously positive and enthusiastic about it and I know why.

The movie is a compilation of the most powerful pieces of conversation the film makers had with over 100 women in the US. I am so happy this documentary is made. The things that are said are SO enormously important for everyone to hear, to know. The themes that are addressed in the documentary are SO real and important.

The movie is very moving. I cried at least three times while watching it. I cried from grief, from sadness and anger, from understanding, from inspiration and from celebration. I cried from love.

I will definitely watch The Goddess Project again. I wish for everyone to see it. I wish for everyone to find their way in this life and in this world, and for everyone to find support and be supported. This movie absolutely contributes to the sense of support. We are in this together, peepz. ❤


You can also organise a screening of The Goddess Project. I already contacted the local movie theatres about screening it. One theatre was already considering having it, so that may happen, and otherwise I’ll organise a ‘special screening’ in collaboration with them. 🙂 Let’s make it happen!

Watch the trailer and more on the The Goddess Project website.

I love you!



PS I may be experiencing some extra happy hormones right now, because I just gave the final presentation of my MSc thesis! I’ve been working on the thesis for SO long that this feels like an enormous liberation. Thank you for bearing with me.

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