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Kitchen cosiness or cosinus

There appears to be this trend of infusing our homes with natural materials and items, so to counter the hardening, digitalising world. I can’t say much about trends, but this is an interesting development! Hopefully this is not just a temporary hype of consuming mass-produced nature-like products – and posting pictures thereof on social media and blogs. I hope that we Western people are getting back to nature, for real.

Anyhow, here are some natural or nature-helping things that I am happy about having entered my home.

Home-dried apples, from our new drying machine with which veggies and fruits can be dried so to preserve them. We haven’t tried much, but I suspect apples to remain my favourites. (BTW, it is possible to build drying machines outside, so to use sunlight. That is so dry.) Also in the picture: harvested pumpkin and patisson seeds, and ‘stew pears’.

‘Capers’ of Tropaeolum majus from our garden. This plant goes by many names (garden nasturtium, Indian cress and monks cress) and is incredibly edible (flowers, leafs, roots, seeds!). The unripe seeds can be preserved in vinegar and used as one would use capers. They also have a really nice shape: they cling together with three seeds and they look kinda spirally.


Sprouting machine! I’ve been mentioning edible sprouts a lot here, and now I have to top if off: there are awesome jar constructions available so to make home-sprouting easier! This one is from GERMLINE and the lid is designed to keep the jar tilted, so to drain the water from the jar. This is a lot easier than having to improvise some cheese cloth or else. (In the jar in the picture are lentil sprouts.)

KeepCup re-usable cup! This brand creates and sells re-usable cups to bring to places where ‘normally’ drinks are served in paper of plastic one-time-use cups, so to decrease the environmental impact of ‘to go’ drinks! I’ve been ‘waiting’ for such a cup with lid to cross my path – and there it was: a Design Your Own KeepCup stand! So I get to choose the colours myself, how nice! It was quite an undertaking really, because of the many options. But ain’t it pretty?! I see that you can also choose the colours yourself if you order from the website.

Not in the pictures but relevant (for me): (birthday) pumpkin pie, beautiful colourful forest in autumn, stewed pears, apple sauce, the wines and ciders my boyfriend is making, the current looks of our garden (with loads of mulch!).

How are you doing?

Cosinus? I’m looking into sacred geometry. Got any thoughts about this?

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