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Relating to the present and to others

Hi peepz,

How are you doing? 🙂

I am going through some rather difficult circumstances these days. I do regard them as learning opportunities, nevertheless I’m still having the regular ups and downs.

But that’s how it goes! Unless you truly decide to quit suffering and act on it. The whole practice is to accept what is and don’t cling to anything, to have a good relationship with what is in this moment. Then you’ll feel inner peace, whatever happens. I learnt from Eckhart Tolle this weekend, through this video. It was really good to listen to while preparing dinner. He is such a wonderful person and good teacher.

I am exploring what I want and need in my life, what costs energy and what brings energy. I feel this deep need for connection, and for harmony. I am thinking of ways for myself and others to start feeling more connected, and of what my contribution will be.

Do you have any thoughts on this? On how to feel more connected?

My mantra on this blog has been that we can connect through showing our insecurities, through being open about our feelings and our needs without judging ourselves and others (non-violent communication style). I still believe this, however, I think it’s also time for me to think and talk less and to feel, connect and act more. So now I am searching for ways to realise this in my life and in my relationships with others.

What do you find important in relationships? Do you actively shape your relationships and contact moments in ways that are beneficial or satisfying to you? I’d love to get some input! If you have ideas or references, they’re very welcome. I myself was inspired by the term ‘power partners’, which was used by Claire Zammit in a webinar of Feminine Power when talking briefly about the importance of support (this may be the same or similar audio recording). How would a power partnership be? What forms can it have? What can it bring me?

Talking about relationships: my favourite relationship is the one with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for two years now! It’s great. We have already been through quite some stuff and had many learning opportunities, followed by many lessons and insights. Hell yeah.

We celebrated that and the newly available soy quark of Alpro Soya by having a vegan Oreo cheesecake! I was thrilled since most vegan cheesecake recipes contain cashews which I cannot eat for allergy reasons. So yay for nut-free vegan cheesecake! Due to a lack of recipes I improvised using agar agar and cornstarch for more firmness (and soy milk, water, lime juice, vanilla essence, agave syrup, Oreo cookies – for the filling only). We both really love it!


Oreo cheesecake with soy quark (no nuts!)

And I made more food pics and here they are, including some older ones which were never in a blog post before (but already in the food gallery).


Have a good weekend!

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Harmony-seeking quiet observer learning to speak loud and clear when needed. Acknowledges both the complexity and simplicity of the world. Above all aims to influence the world in a positive way by being a good person.

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