Month: April 2017

Space invader #1: the first insights

Until not long ago I had never considered ‘taking up space’ as a thing. Since I do, I have started to see it in everything. I have found it to be an incredibly useful concept in my personal development! Here I will share my story, including the first new insights and developments. Throughout my youth I seem to have conditioned myself to adapt quite actively to my surroundings. I would examine, partly unconsciously, situations carefully and adapt to them. As we know, situations often involve other people doing all kinds of things. Soft-spoken We examine other people in terms of their looks, whether they’re nice or not, whether we suspect to have things in common, and in my case: whether they’re loud or not. I had come to think that loudness was an important factor for me to get along easily with someone or not; generally I would click better with more soft-spoken people than with loud people. That rule of thumb worked quite well. Using this and other things I managed to surround myself …


In this moment I am excited! I am grateful for and thrilled about the opportunities in life. We are lucky to experience as we do. We get to go out in the world, to explore. Let’s make the most of it and do it together!

Relating to the present and to others

Hi peepz, How are you doing? 🙂 I am going through some rather difficult circumstances these days. I do regard them as learning opportunities, nevertheless I’m still having the regular ups and downs. But that’s how it goes! Unless you truly decide to quit suffering and act on it. The whole practice is to accept what is and don’t cling to anything, to have a good relationship with what is in this moment. Then you’ll feel inner peace, whatever happens. I learnt from Eckhart Tolle this weekend, through this video. It was really good to listen to while preparing dinner. He is such a wonderful person and good teacher. I am exploring what I want and need in my life, what costs energy and what brings energy. I feel this deep need for connection, and for harmony. I am thinking of ways for myself and others to start feeling more connected, and of what my contribution will be. Do you have any thoughts on this? On how to feel more connected? My mantra on this …