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Purple kale, smoky tempeh and shoyu tofu

Today I have some pictures of and notes on kale, tempeh and tofu for you.

I already knew I love kale, but then I found purple coloured kale! I roasted it, just like I described here. Actually, I misunderstood the oven and had to complement with using a frying pan, but then I got purple kale crisps! I’m not sure whether it tasted any different from usual green kale, but the colour made me a little happier anyway.


I brought the kale crisps to a put luck dinner and everyone liked it. Win!

To the same (Christmas) pot luck I brought tempeh, which I had marinated with sunflower oil, liquid hickory smoke, rosemary, garlic and salt. All this gave it a pretty intense flavour!


Liquid hickory smoke (of Mex-Al) is a very interesting substance which can make all your food taste smoked! Its ingredients are water, vinegar, smoke flavouring liquid hickory smoke, colour caramel E150d, emulsifier E433. I haven’t found many applications yet, but it’s surely nice to experiment with. See the a picture of the bottle on the bottom of the post.

Here’s a picture of well-done tofu.


It can be hard to get tofu crispy. The reason is that from itself it contains a lot of moist, which makes it hard to fry it. What helps, is to squeeze out the moist before frying. After squeezing, you can marinate it for a while with oil and whatever you want, so the tofu can (already) absorb it. Then, just fry it in a frying pan (possibly with extra oil) and be patient! Crispy tofu takes time!

Here I fried the tofu in oil in combination with my favourite soy sauce: Shoyu of De Nieuwe Band. If you get the chance to try this one, do it! It tastes great. Or: if you have a favourite soy sauce: share with me, so I can try that one too! (The package of this shoyu recommends to only add it in the end to prevent the taste to disappear due to the heat, but I did add it earlier.)

The two mentioned tasty liquids accompanied by a tea egg bird and a plant shadow sweep (right).


Shoyu soy sauce of De Nieuwe Band and liquid hickory smoke of Mex-Al

This was today’s collection of food pics. More generally, these days I’m enjoying loads of mushrooms since my boyfriend loves them, and I try to eat mostly local vegetables, like cabbages and tuber vegetables.

Have you developed new food habits or cravings recently?

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