Month: January 2017

Beetroot ‘n bean salad

I thought to make burgers, but then I realised that at the moment I totally lack a blender or so to mix it all together. I’d use a grater for the beetroot, but lupine beans are tough! So I decided on the simpler version of a burger: a salad! As you can see, there’s (boiled) beetroot, lupine beans and kale in the mix. The kale is massaged with a dressing of tahini and lime (classic combo!), and pepper, salt and oil (everything to taste, and to texture). I like the combination of the ‘earthy’ and more ‘fresh’ hints of flavours. The different textures go really well together as well! Beetroot, lupine and kale are all very different. The tahini/lime dressing also makes a great addition, as it makes the mix more interesting and varied, as well as more fresh-ish due to the lime. How do you eat your beetroot? I’d love to learn more great combos!

The art of being like zen dog

“He knows not where he’s going For the ocean will decide – It’s not the DESTINATION… … It’s the glory of THE RIDE” For everyone who doesn’t know where they are going: be more like zen dog. Having a goal can surely help you, but most important is being happy in this very moment. This moment is all there will ever be. So let us enjoy the ride while it lasts, instead of focussing only on future destinations. I like zen dog as an example. Happily floating in his little boat… We people make everything so difficult. Let’s take it easy. 🙂 Zen dog post card via Really Good, I miss you post card via Flying Tiger See also: Why your life is not a journey (~ Alan Watts and David Lindberg)

Purple kale, smoky tempeh and shoyu tofu

Today I have some pictures of and notes on kale, tempeh and tofu for you. I already knew I love kale, but then I found purple coloured kale! I roasted it, just like I described here. Actually, I misunderstood the oven and had to complement with using a frying pan, but then I got purple kale crisps! I’m not sure whether it tasted any different from usual green kale, but the colour made me a little happier anyway. I brought the kale crisps to a put luck dinner and everyone liked it. Win! To the same (Christmas) pot luck I brought tempeh, which I had marinated with sunflower oil, liquid hickory smoke, rosemary, garlic and salt. All this gave it a pretty intense flavour! Liquid hickory smoke (of Mex-Al) is a very interesting substance which can make all your food taste smoked! Its ingredients are water, vinegar, smoke flavouring liquid hickory smoke, colour caramel E150d, emulsifier E433. I haven’t found many applications yet, but it’s surely nice to experiment with. See the a picture of …