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The key lime pie to all your parties

My birthday is usually the only constant yearly pie-baking occasion (or pi factor). Other, more rare occasions are Christmas, New Year and Pi Day if I remember in time. I do like pies and baking, but it doesn’t really have priority over other things. Also, when I start searching for a recipe, I find myself easily discouraged by the need for unordinary or seemingly expensive ingredients and nuts (which I cannot eat). So I sob and hide.

But as with most things: you just have to do it! Or if that seems too hard: start doing it, with the first step! So take an easy recipe and get those ingredients. After the hard step of finding and buying you can use them forever, or as long as they last. But getting them next time will be easier, ’cause you’ll know and appreciate them. And then just follow the steps of the recipe!

Did you need encouragement for pie-baking? I could use it. My main motivation is impressing non-vegans and showing how easy it is to be a vegan. So I could work on my baking skills, among others.

So, this year I made a change: in the past month I baked five pies and I impressed 40+ people. Score! Last year I made the Maple-Kissed Blueberry Pie from the book Vegan Pie in the Sky for my birthday. This year I chose the Key Lime Pie and it was a hit! And it’s really easy to make!


It looks cool, right? Real simple, but cool. Kinda like an iceberg, so cool. It’s even possible to hold it vertically, and to make it wobble, and it stays intact! I was impressed (and a bit shocked at first) when I saw that happening.

Further, I don’t know how copyrights on recipes work. Can you own recipes like you can nowadays own seeds? Well, we cannot own seeds, only huge companies can, which leads to horrible situations.

Anyhow, to give you an idea about the Key Lime Pie procedure: The crust is a simple cookie crust made from crushed wheat cookies (digestives, because you’re supposed to digest them + I found some without palm oil!) with more margarine and sugar, baked in the oven. The filling is soy milk (or almond, according to this recipe) with agar agar and tapioca flour, brought to a boil and heavily stirred for a few minutes until it thickens. Then coconut milk is added with sugar, freshly pressed lime juice and zest. More boiling and stirring. Then: add vanilla extract, let it cool a little, pour into crust, and refrigerate for 3+ hours to allow it to set. Serve with lime slices for more fancyness, which I didn’t do.

As stated before, the pie is really easy to make, and really tasty! It resembles a ‘yoghurt pie’, with its texture and the fresh taste from the lime. Everyone seemed to really like it! And they asked for the ingredients, ha! Agar agar and tapioca flour are such cool ingredients. And so is the holy coconut milk, of course – your best creamy friend.

I realise I didn’t mention the amounts earlier. We can have an internet search for similar recipes if you like to learn more. I’d be interested in learning other good variations! After having made this one three times, for three different groups of people that is, I am up for something different.

Also, I did make something completely different as well: a sweet potato pie topped with chestnuts! It was quite abnormal and interesting and quite nice. (Possibly I did not mash the potatoes well enough and that mattered…) It did not look appealing in the pictures, so those I will not share. Only nice vegan food, yes? It’s for a good cause.

Do you bake pies? I’d like to learn your favourite recipes! Especially when they’re vegan, do not contain nuts and are fairly simple – or outstandingly delicious. It’s minimizing effort versus maximizing deliciousness. Oh, the trade-offs in life.

I turned 24 on the morning of November 6, oh everybody is looking for a fix.

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