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Veggies from the oven, you just gotta love ’em

Through this post I want to express my love for fall/winter veggies from the oven. Preparing veggies in the oven is such a nice way to cook: it is super easy to do and the food gets really really tasty. I find it fun, comforting and satisfying.

You just cut veggies of your choosing, cover them in oil with herbs and spices, put in a warm oven, wait about half an hour, then take it from the oven, and tadaaa: you have a delicious meal! Plus, it is super easy to make in large quantities (in so far the size of your oven permits).

And it’s FUN! You can mix and match about anything you want; it’s amazing. It’s perfect in the fall and winter days in which they’re so many root vegetables around, and in which we can get about desperate to absorb more heat. (Though, maybe put no leafy vegetables in there, they will shrink… Except for not-too-leafy kale which you have to put there once every kale season.)

And I don’t know what it is, but food seems to get more flavourful in the oven. Does science know how that works? Maybe my food technology friends can tell us. Do they also get more colourful? I like to see all the different shapes, textures and colours together so clearly on a baking tray or plate.

I’m really enjoying writing this post. Hmm, roasted veggies! So, to spread the enthusiasm: here are some pictures of recent veggie palettes.


Sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, parsnip and chestnuts with nutmeg, cumin and ‘Italian herbs’


Quinoa salad with pomegranate seeds and roasted fennel, carrot and red onion with thyme


Pumpkin, broccoli, an unidentified pumpkin or courgette from the garden, and chestnuts

Do you have oven-favourites?

Not shown in my examples here: potatoes from the oven! Those are the best too. Did you know you can easily make vegan mayonnaise? Here you can find a basic recipe written on our blackboard door. If you don’t like that one, you can try using aquafaba: legume liquid. More about that stuff later, if I succeed to get the hang of it.

And there is (no) aubergine! If sliced thinly, it gets nicely crispy. One of my housemates used to serve it with hummus to spread on top. Ah but aubergine is less wintery.

Then there is cauliflower…

Veggies from the oven, you just gotta love ’em.

Well, I hope you enjoy your veggies! And the weekend.

PS You can also have roasted veggies in a curry! Like in this ‘Thai curry’ recipe here.

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