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Shea butter for the skin

It’s a giant jar of shea butter! For size reference purpose I added the tiniest Minneapolis apple.

Shea butter is my favourite skin care product. This means a lot, since I am a regular sufferer of eczema, dry skin, allergies, itches and the like. I like how shea butter is just a natural product without perfumes or other things added. It’s super creamy and fatty and it really relieves my skin. Other fatty products like oils are supposed to have the same effect, but for me they often makes it worse, making my skin feel more itchy and greasy, brr. But shea butter is better! It immediately soothes and hydrates more. (For me it does not instantly help for huge eczema/allergy outbreaks, but that would also be too much to expect.)

Shea butter comes from the nuts of the shea tree, the Butyrospermum Parkii, which grows in West Africa, so the raw version is a fully natural product. It has all these great qualities of inducing cell renewal (?)  and containing vitamin A, E and F and it even works as a (limited) sunblock! It works for your skin, hair and it is edible, although it has a distinct taste (and smell, but I’m not bothered by it at all). Also, you can mix it with other oils and fluff it up in a blender so it becomes more creamy! I never tried, but it sounds cool. My boyfriend intends to make shaving cream this way, which may be a good idea.

You can find all its good qualities and how it’s made online, wherever. I will just say that I really love the stuff and recommend you’d try it! You can get raw, organic and fair-trade shea butter maybe in shops but also online. For me the latter seemed cheaper and nicer than in the stores I checked (with less costs for packaging, branding, etc.).

I like the Dutch online store Natural Heroes where I got it. This was my third order of a series with increasing shea butter jar sizes. Natural Heroes sells many natural oil and related products and encourages creating your own, natural, low-impact products by mixing high-quality ingredients. They also sell the awesome natural shea butter based African black soap, which may be my second favourite skin care product. So if you’re going for it: be sure to add a sample of that to your shopping cart!

PS: If the costs of your Natural Heroes order are over 30 euros, you get free shipping; and if it’s over 40 euros, you get 10 euros discount by using the code ‘TIENEURO’.

PPS: Today is my 5-year anniversary with WordPress! (This blog is not so old yet.)

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