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Heaps of Hummus

Spread the hummus! Many of my friends and me use it a lot. We bring it to pot luck meals and picknicks; use it as toppings or dips for about anything and as ingredient for warm meals like quiches and wraps. Chickpeas, the main ingredient of hummus, are such good peas. The next best ingredient of hummus is tahin or sesame paste, which is in itself pretty awesome as well. And then there’s garlic, salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil and possibly more… If you particularly care about proteins: they’re in there as well, loads of them.

These pictures show how hummus is supposed to look. You see the drips of olive oil near the edge of the spread out hummus, the bulbs of tahin closer to the centre, topped with what’s probably paprika powder and some parsley flakes or so.

My boyfriend and me had lunch at De Hummus House in Amsterdam, where it has two locations. This one is at Korte Leidsedwaarsstraat 62 close to Museumplein (museum square). They serve hummus plates like this one with the fluffiest pita bread and toppings of your choice. I had an aubergine topping, but I liked the fava bean one of my boyfriend better. Aubergine remains to be an odd vegetable.


Hummus with topping of slow-cooked fava beans and stewed tomatoes

The whole plate of hummus was a bit hard to swallow, for it was a large amount of hummus and it’s just much of the same. Maybe with another topping I would’ve liked it better. But we were well supplied with salt, pepper, pickled cucumber, garlic-lemon sauce and olives so we could spice it up! I managed to finish most of it.

The star of the meal may as well have been the pita bread actually, for it was super soft and fluffy, oohooh. If you know how to produce something like that, please share!

Check out the website of De Hummus House to find their locations, find this specific location on HappyCow (added by me, ha!) and check their menu (with pictures!). They also serve other Mediterranean dishes and salads. Most of the dishes are vegan and this is quite easy to distinguish from the menu (how I understood; I may forgot an exception…). The Coconut Malabi dessert is vegan too! And they have soy milk for in the coffee.

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