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Happy happy Thai food

In the Forest Monastery in the North of Thailand the abbot or chief monk would motivate the people by giving pre-meal speeches packed with the phrases ‘happy happy Thai food’ and ‘big party’. He did seem to be an exceptionally happy guy, so something must be good there. Is it Thai Buddhism or the Thai food?

Thai food is great. I’m not a fan of the animals and the increasing dairy use, but leave that out and you got yourself some great variety of rice in all forms, soy in all forms, many vegetables and mushrooms, tropical fruits, peanuts, chilli and other spices, lots of coconut milk and desserts made out of beans. They also like all forms of frying, and sugar. Food can be bought on the streets everywhere – in Bangkok there’s even a market on a railway. And food comes in many layers of plastic, which is a bit sad. And they have ice coffee, but often with cows milk in it, even though many Asian bellies cannot handle it so well. More about that later.

In my pictures the glorious dishes of fried rice and curry (especially that particular massaman curry with coconut milk, peanuts and potatoes of Doi Soi 12 in Bangkok and the crispy tofu one on Koh Chang…), fried morning glory and the mango sticky rice dessert are missing, but still they give a good impression. Most of my pictures are taken in restaurants instead of on markets where food is cheaper and a bit less polished, but where food can taste just as good.



Summer rolls and sunflower salad at Doi Soi 12


Pad Thai/fried noodles with soy sprouts, soy tofu and peanuts


Street fruits papaya and water melon in re-used plastic container


Luxurious vegetarian meal on the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok


Forbidden fruits (it stinks!)


Dessert of bean curd, black jelly and dough things in ginger water


Vegetarian papaya salad (not all of them are vegetarian/vegan!)


Street food in Chiang Rai: veggie packages and mushrooms


The best mango shake


Bear of rice with vegetable and mushroom tempura


Matcha cookie and brownie of the vegan bakery Veganerie in Bangkok


Coconut-boiled banana dessert

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