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Music by Braids and Blue Hawaii

Hi there!

I am semi busy finishing stuff and getting packed, because I’m heading to Thailand this Friday! My boyfriend has been wandering around there for four months already and I’m joining him for five more weeks. I will try to squeeze in some writing before I leave, but I am not that organised.

All right, I’ll do some squeezing right now. I’m procrastinating cleaning my room anyway.

It’s always nice to share good music, so here’s one of my favourites: Braids! They are a three-piece experimental pop band from Montreal and their music is just really good. It takes some ‘getting used to it’, because it’s a bit unusual, but then it’s really cool. The voice of singer Raphaelle is really beautiful. She does a lot of long notes and I totally dig it. I know first two albums Native Speaker and Flourish // Perish and they’re good!

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to write about them and now it’s here: They already have three records and now they are releasing a new 19 minute EP named Companion! This one is written during the sessions of their third record, Deep In The Iris, and completed in August 2015. Find Braids on Bandcamp and on Soundcloud.


They’re totally cool. We’re in a band and don’t give a shit.

What I like slightly more than Braids: Blue Hawaii. This is another project of the singer of Braids (Raphaelle Standell-Preston), together with Agor (Alexander Cowan). They released Blooming Summer and Untogether on Arbutus Records. Blue Hawaii makes electronic pop and it’s more relaxed than the music of Braids. I find it really dreamy and harmonious, the sounds along with her voice. And it’s not boring at all! It’s super interesting with many layers and such. The same goes for Braids, but that’s a bit more raw in my opinion. Find Blue Hawaii on Soundcloud. (The song Get Happy is about an addiction, it’s nice.)

On a wholly unrelated note: I discovered stock photos. So from now on I will insert nice and sharp pictures in every post, like a professional. Like this one:


Stock photo from qimono on Pixabay

I like the picture because the cat looks like our house cat Minoes! By posting it I also feel like betraying Minoes a bit. See how cute he is here. (Our house cat? He’s his own cat, meow!)

Like a professional procrastinator; I successfully did not pack a thing this evening! I’ll regret it later. First I will be happy.

By posting this one just now I found out: there are now 50 posts on Munching on a Dream! I’m impressed by myself. So many important things and procrastinations in my life. 🙂

Check out Made in Heights too.

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