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The Sad Ghost Club

‘If you’ve ever been sad, then you’re already a member. The Sad Ghost Club is a club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club.’

Founders Laura and Lize started their small creative project of making comic books, zines, apparel and merchandise to spread awareness of mental health. They also work together with mental health charities and they organise workshops and talks which help young people to understand and learn about their mental health.

Some years ago I noticed The Sad Ghost Club on Tumblr, where their comics get reposted all the time for their cuteness, accuracy and empathy. Most of us feel sad in their lives every now and then. It helps to feel understood and supported.

– Click for larger and more readable image.* –

There are comics about feelings, situation and ideas people or ghosts go through, but there are also more positive, happy images, and special comic pages offering good advice for who is feeling sad. The latter are bundled nicely in the zines Guide To Not Being Sad, Guide to Making Friends and Guide to Self-Care. These and other zines can all be found in the shop. The shop also offers apparel, tote bags, patches, pins and stickers, postcards and posters and other goodies, everything decorated with nice ghosties, mountains, clouds and rain and other nice and cute things.

The items looks really nice and I am totally in favour of supporting such initiatives, spreading awareness and helping people. I already got some copies of the Guide To Not Being Sad before and a zine, but browsing through the shop makes me also want to get a tote bag, beanie and a patch – and possibly more. It is for a good cause, so it may be okay. Many of the clothes and bags are also made of organic cotton, which makes it even better! Did I mention the new free worldwide shipping? Oef!

Also, I found it terribly hard to choose which comics to add to this post and in the end I decided to trust you to visit the website and Tumblr of The Sad Ghost Club so to see everything there. Is that okay? Next to the comics, the Tumblr also gives updates of their shop, workshops and all that, fan art, and: pages of their upcoming colouring book! We’re getting creative here.

Enjoy your day! I hope you had a nice Easter.

* Images are pretty small here; my laptop has a small screen and a larger total width doesn’t fit. Also, here I accidentally ended up with too many selected comics and didn’t want to remove any. Sorry not sorry! 😉

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