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Having a Break in Belgium

Hello! Right before and on Christmas my boyfriend and me made a little trip to the lovely Belgian cities of Bruges and Ghent. The cities were decorated very romantically with Christmas lights and there was a Christmas fair in both places. You can imagine.

If you cannot: here is a glimpse of Bruges in the evening:


Before we took off, we browsed through Happy Cow to see which restaurants would serve vegan dishes. Unfortunately, because of the Christmas holidays, many restaurants were closed. However, we didn’t have to be hungry!

In Bruges we went to Passion For Food. The owner and cook was super friendly. We took a soup as a starter. If I remember correctly, it was a carrot soup, spiced up really nicely.

We had the vegetable tajine, which was the only or one of the few vegan main dishes:


We were surprised to see how many different vegetables he had put in! Again, if I remember correctly: aubergine, potato, parsnip, stewed pear, potato, carrots, tomato, with wheat and lentils on the bottom. Wow. The owner was also so kind to give us fruit juices. The super nice owner and the satisfying food make that I would definitely go back there if I came to Bruges again.

The day after we had our brunch at Avalon in Ghent. At Avalon the food is prepared from seasonal vegetables and all is vegan! Except milk in your coffee, if you really want to.

Our lunch consisted of soup with bread. This soup was really nice too. It’s nice to eat so many vegetables. It makes you feel healthy, even when you’ve been eating shitloads of chocolate.


And then we got seaweed tempura! Which made a really nice treat. We had never had tempura before. Maybe I should try to make something like this myself.


It was December 24 then and we hadn’t selected a place to have dinner yet. We had done some research, but not all vegan-serving restaurants were clear about whether they’d be open so we just took the chance and walked past them. This resulted in us wading through the city for quite some time and ending up begging Avalon to take us as their guests, again. They made us a deal so we could only have the main dish instead of the whole menu for a reduced price and we were happy.

I didn’t take pictures, which I totally regret now, for the plate looked stunning. There were many different dishes prepared from seasonal veggies: pumpkin carrot potato puree, fried cabbage, kale, roasted Brussels sprouts, pickled beetroot, some really nice gravy and some ‘pie’ filled with beans and stuff. I might even be forgetting something here. For the other guests there was soup as a starter and some coconut something mousse as dessert. However, we were very satisfied after the main dish!

I just checked Avalon on Facebook to see if there was a picture of Christmas Eve’s food and there isn’t, but their Facebook page sure gives you an idea of how they like their food. Woah. I also found that they are doing workshops and such around compassionate communication and more. That’s awesome.

The day after we went for brunch. We came by a restaurant (and store) named De Panda. They gave us three vegan brunch options, which all had a salad and bread, and then with springrolls, something I forgot and this mixture of mushrooms. We can say that the springrolls and the mushrooms were great. And check out how happy the salad looks! I have never had a salad with vegetables like this. And I have most definitely never had it as a brunch.


De Panda is located next to the water of the Leie, so we had a nice view through the window. Apparently there’s also tables outside when it’s warmer.

In the evenings of the 25th and 26th of December we had awesome vegan meals at our parents’ places. No pictures were taken, but it was really good. I will try to replicate some of it and document and such.

May these pictures give you some inspiration and happiness. I hope you had good holidays and that you’re enjoying the new year!

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