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The Greens of Budapest + Veganniversary

Baah. There are lots of things worth sharing and I am surely sharing them to some extent, just not via writing this blog. I haven’t been writing much, not even my diary! However, I have been writing reports on urban green spaces in Budapest, does that count?
Everything is a trade-off. There’s limitations, like brain capacity, available energy, the amount of stimuli one can handle (is that equal to brain capacity?), time and stuff.
My intention was not to write a shitty post, but I’d like to say hi to you and to keep in touch a bit, even though I don’t have a specific nice and polished message. I have not forgotten about this place here.

Today is my 1 year vegan anniversary or veganniversary! You would think that a happy vegan would totally celebrate, but my cookies burnt so there’s no celebration today. I was planning to start planning a celebration with a nice dinner party and such, but then I figured I have been stressing my brain with too many stimuli and just things going on and I can better just save myself more stress. So now I am sitting down after having done yoga and having fed myself a lentil kale carrot coconut ginger stew (but then cooked really quickly, so not really a stew – in Dutch there’s this word ‘prutje’ that goes for practically anything undefined. It’s perfect. I ate a linzenboerenkoolwortelkokosgemberprutje).

I would also like to post more about food, but I am having the simplest meals, so it doesn’t make too much sense to post about that. However, I encourage you to have simple meals as well, when you wish to not stress yourself more than needed or just whenever. Eating vegan can actually be really easy and simple and not everyone is aware of that yet.
About that: I am now active in a new student organization promoting veganism and in a student environmental organization. I am pretty excited about that! Those are two of the things keeping me busy (in my head).

Another thing I am busy with is the small research on the urban green spaces in Budapest. We are working with 27 students for a client over there and it’s pretty intensive. The project included two weeks actually being in Budapest and doing things like observing the green spaces including the people in it, performing interviews with influential people on the matter, asking citizens to fill in our questionnaire. It was nice. Now we have to finalize our report and it’s a nice chaotic mess, as you can imagine. Communication is hard! Not only via writing blogs, but all of it. It’s a learning process.

Now I am going to brighten up this post by posting the food pictures I took in Budapest. They are a-ma-zing and so was the food. It was actually quite doable to eat vegan over there!


It’s funny how I deem these pictures more relevant than the touristy pictures I took. Well, of course they are! If you’re heading to Budapest: I can probably give you exact names and locations of these places, but first I should sleep. However, I am planning on putting the Mexican one, Arriba Tequeria in XI, on Happy Cow! That’s how happy it made me. (There’s salad, black beans and rice on the bottom and you get to choose from an array of awesome toppings.)

Until next time! I hope I get to spend more time on this page in the near future. 🙂

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