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Vegan pizzas and pies from Germany

Dear you,

I am happy to inform you that I have safely returned from my travels and that I am pretty happy. This summer has been really good to me and I am grateful for that. I hope you’ve been having a good time as well!

So, since this blog is meant to be some sort of food blog, let’s confess: I have been away and eating for the whole summer and the yield of food pictures counts four. In my defence: I accidentally only packed half of my camera charger, so it’s not only the food pictures that are non-existent. I have been telling myself that it was actually nice to not really be able to make pictures, for then you can better enjoy things as they are instead of focussing on the photography. That worked quite well.

Now I will just proceed posting the pictures with some additional chattering.

Vegan currywurst in mango garlic sauce


It’s vegan currywurst in mango garlic sauce! I forgot the name of the store, but it seemed to be a big currywurst-focussed chain, with this store in Leipzig. It was nice, but I’m actually not such a big fan of ‘fake meats’. However, I like that they had a vegan option, of course. And the sauce was a nice touch! I wouldn’t have expected this combination to be on the list of options.

Experimental pizzas from Pizza Lab

Still in Leipzig, we visited vegan pizza restaurant and bar Pizza Lab. It’s a really nice-looking place, with lots of chemistry-inspired decorations and cosy pillows and stuff. All they sold was vegan, which I really liked of course. You could create your own pizza by selecting a crust (white wheat, wholegrain spelt or gluten-free) and four toppings out of their list of veggies and ‘protein’.

For the really interested (like myself): the veggies listed were red onions, caramelized onion, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, paprika, peas, potato, mushroom, aubergine, tomato, olives, garlic, fresh basil and zucchini/courgette. The proteins were lentils, chickpeas, black beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds/flax seeds, walnuts and almonds.

I was most surprised about the chickpea option really, for I never considered placing them on a pizza! Even though I knew they become really crispy when left in the oven for some time (as you can read here). Also, your pizza came with tomato sauce and three types of vegan cheese. Unfortunately, two of those cheeses contained nuts, so I could only have one.

Then there was also the option to pick Today’s Pizza Experiment instead of assembling your personal pizza. The one presented that day: sweet potato tahini sauce with crispy baked broccoli, roasted sesame and a balsamic drizzle (freely translated from German by me, they named the drizzle Balsamico-Glasur, which is also okay).

My sharing partner and me asked for two nut-free and gluten-free surprises, with a preference for the use of tahini. We got Today’s Pizza Experiment and it looked like this:


Ain’t is pretty? I like the colours, how it’s not the typical tomato sauce loaded with cheese, and the spiralled balsamic drizzle, the how the broccoli is placed as pieces of chocolate or whipped cream on a pie and how the sesame looks like festive confetti. Now I have had pizzas with pumpkin sauce, but sweet potato tahini was new to me! Also, this might have been the healthiest pizza I’ve ever had. (Healthier than the cauliflower crust pizza? That might as well be!)

The second pizza was this one:


I have to say that it made less an impression on me, also because I already stuffed my face with the first one and this one. I suppose the green heaps are spinach? Hehe. This type of vegan cheese was made out of soy, by the way.

They also had nice coffees and other drinks and even lots of desserts, which unfortunately all their ingredient lists featured nuts, so I couldn’t have any. My friends did: the desserts looked awesome and my friends really happy.

All in all, I can really recommend the Pizza Lab for if you are ever in Leipzig! (I now see that you can check out the current Today’s Pizza Experiment on their website! This week it’s Apfel-Rotkohl, knusprig Pumpernickel & Essiggurken mit Cocktailsauce. If you want to know how it looks: there’s a picture too)

We also had the best hostel, situated really close to the central station: Central Globetrotter Hostel. You might want to check it out.

Vegan pies from HUBER

A few weeks later I found myself to be in Freiburg on this pretty nice festival which aimed to raise awareness for refugees and the current situation, different sexual orientations and such, animal rights and I think more important things even.

There was also a food stand of HUBER. I think everything they sold was vegan and they had some burgers, pies, quiches, cookies… A lot to choose from! We took a piece of the courgette quiche.


I couldn’t really tell what more was in there. Tofu? I don’t remember so much of the taste, but it was nice, hehe. This one was also decorated with sesame as you can see. It makes it look really cute. I have to remember that trick.

We found HUBER to be situated right behind the train station, with the most delish-looking cakes and pies. A few days later we went back there to have some of their sweet treats.
Sadly, again here there was no vegan option without nuts. ‘That is too difficult for me.’ I do understand, for I find finding suitable recipes hard as well, but one of my housemates manages to do an awesome job, so it surely is possible! (I am busy trying to trick her into writing for this blog.)
However, there was a lovely-looking plum cake which only had some almonds on the top. Nuts give me that prickling, weird feeling in my mouth, and that seems to be all. Almonds are quite okay, so we shared the cake and took vegan cappuccino and were happy. There is no picture, only one in my head. However, if you want to see pictures: there’s pictures of pies on their website!

The hostel we stayed at in Freiburg was really nice as well (I would say even nicer than the one in Leipzig!): Blackforest Hostel. The kitchen and living room area were really comfortable and cosy. I would happily go there again.

That’s it. I won’t bother you with more words on more obvious and irrelevant things, I’ll save that for following posts. Enjoy the rain!

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