Month: July 2015

What to do with all this love?

This is a drawing created by the artist Chiara Bautista. I love her art so much. She has a lot of images featuring these two figures, but there’s also others. I especially love this one, because when I found it, it felt so true. Sometimes when I’m really living in the now, I feel so much love. I have asked myself: So what do I do now? Where to go with all this love? Which is pretty awesome. Check out Chiara’s Facebook page for more of her work.

Mango summer dinner party

We had quite the festive dinner after I found we had too many mangos. Did I say too many? They were perfect! It looked like this: The fruit salad or guacamole was based on Glowing strawberry-mango guacamole recipe from The Oh She Glows Cookbook of Angela Liddon, starring: avocado, red onion, mango, strawberries, lime juice, sea salt and ‘corn chips for serving’. It was pretty nice to have a guacamole with the sweet fruits mango and strawberry. I’d happily make it again! I left out the cilantro leaves of the recipe. The spring rolls were inspired on the recipe for Fresh Mango Summer Rolls from Vegan With a Vengeance of Isa Chandra Moskowitz and were made out of rice paper, with as topping/filling mango, green lentil sprouts, cucumber, peanut, carrot and tempeh. And with a dot of chilli sauce from a bottle. Nice! I especially liked the peanut in there, in combination with the rest of course, with the more fresh and sweet things. We also had filled bell peppers as a dish, from the …

Having a good time

Dear you, We’ll be out of touch for a bit! I’ll be spending the summer elsewhere and I am planning on using the internet very little. Two small posts are scheduled to be posted in the upcoming weeks, but after that it will still take a while until I get back to you here. But I’ll be full of new findings and ideas! 🙂 (And food. For sure!) Have a good time! Regards, Nina

The advantages of wearing soft bras

Earlier I already wrote a bit about body image and self-love and how clothing can play a role in connecting to yourself and others. I believe that if we could value our appearances as less important, we would be able to connect more deeply with ourselves and one another. In my earlier posts I said something about simple clothing, being somehow neutral-looking and comfortable. On this topic, there is one specific thing I’d like to share further. Last fall I attended a Vipassana meditation course. I was just wearing comfortable clothes, all was fine. Until one day during meditation I got enormously aware of how uncomfortably tight my bra was. And really, it wasn’t enormously tight. It had been one of my favourite, best-fitting bras for years. Bras are supposed to be tight, that’s how they behave best. Say what? I got very confused and frustrated. Is this normal? Is this how it feels? I had heard of women disliking wearing bras and being really relieved when being able to take them off after a …