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Cauliflower craze

Today I’m sharing two amazing foods starring cauliflower. Jeeh!

Cauliflower Wings


This is one of the coolest things that has happened to me recently: cauliflower wings. They are cauliflower heads covered in a mixture of chickpea flour, water/plant milk and additions like herbs and nutritional yeast. Then they’re dipped in a bath of breadcrumbs and are left in the oven for some 20 minutes until ‘crispy and browned’. Afterwards, you can roll them through some spicy mixture, to make them more spicy, and roast them again, but I didn’t do that and I still absolutely loved them. Though, I can imaging that with more spice they would be even better! I did combine them with chilli sauce, which was pretty nice too.
The full recipe is to be found here on Potato Strong. You can also use different type of flour of course, as is written in the recipe, but since I’ve started to use the chickpea flour, I am loving it. And don’t make the same mistake I did the second time: to use bread out of the freezer, which is still moist. The whole point of the crumbs is that they’re dry. If using bread from the freezer, you may want to dry it in the oven first.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust


This one is really cool as well: it’s a pizza made of cauliflower! And out of soaked flax seeds (with its binding properties) and flour – and additions like herbs and nutritional yeast.
I have made the cauliflower pizza a few times as well, but with huge leaps in time in between, so I haven’t experimented much to come to the perfect product. Yes, I am saying that the cauliflower pizza crust could potentially be more perfect. At least, mine were quite moist on the inside, and not staying too well in one piece, and also not really crispy, and sticking to the parchment paper a bit too much.
I am not doing the advertisement well, again, am I? But I loved the pizzas! It is pretty great to have the taste of cauliflower in there. It is quite a neutral taste, you see, so it can function very well like this. The moisture level was also pretty nice actually, but it makes the experience less pizza-like.
The recipe I got from here on Positively Vegan. Important note: mind her additional notes on the very end of the post, about using less water for the flax seeds and using corn flour instead of rice flour. I used the chickpea flour again, but I don’t know so much about flour properties and just did something.
For the curious: the pizza in the picture is topped with pesto (Dutch AH Puur&Eerlijk is both vegan and nut-free!), sun-dried tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms, sunflower seeds and rucola.

Do you happen to know more tasty recipes with cauliflower? Spill it in the comments!

And as an unrelated bonus: here’s two mango coconut cupcakes out on a picnic.


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