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Take You Time to get balanced

Recently I’ve been feeling quite stressed. Someone once told me I seem to be preoccupied most of the time. And that’s exactly what you don’t want; you’d want to be mindful. I can be mindful at times, but some part of me seems dedicated to constant worrying.

A lot of the things I worry about could probably just be solved once I stop the worrying and spend the time I save on acting on the things I worry about. It’s that easy. That approach wouldn’t solve everything, that would be a little bit too easy, but I think it would make a huge difference.

This reminds me of this article I read on Collective Evolution about motivating yourself to exercise. I particularly like this bit:
‘It reminds me of a friend of mine a few years ago. He wanted my help to hypnotize him into working out.’ (…) ‘I asked him how much time he spends judging himself for not going to the gym and how much time he spends considering whether to go or not. Jokingly, he said probably six hours a day. I remember saying, “Can you see now that if you went to the gym, you’d save at least five hours a day which you could then spend with your daughter?” ‘
The author made her friend realize that going to the gym was an investment. It worked out very well. ‘It became fulfilling to him because he could see it would help him in his primary values. That’s the key to easy exercise and to life – link it to what you already love and it will become something you love.’

That is just so right. I can totally see how that would work. So you just have to have a good understanding of what is good for you and what isn’t. And then implement this into your life by doing the beneficial things and leaving out the rest. Easy-peasy.

Except that I haven’t managed myself to do so after over 22 years. (However, I am quite confident that in my first years I was doing all the right things, just like all of us. Before we got into this heavy thinking mode.)

I also realized the most basic thing: I have to spend more time on my own, with myself. It is so obvious. I do spend a lot of time at home, but even when I’m alone I’m about always busy on the internet with communication and checking out articles here and there – all the while worrying about the things I should actually be doing. It’s no wonder I’m not relaxed. I have realized this earlier, but I never got around to actually taking this time for myself. How silly is that?

The 30 Days Of You Challenge

And now I came across this: The 30 Days Of You Challenge of Collective Evolution. The challenge: ‘For the next 30 days spend 1 hour each day geared towards YOU’. You will get an email saying this after subscribing. It starts with a motivational writing concluding:
‘The benefits of this challenge are undeniable. You will learn a lot about yourself, it will help you discover what is important to you, it will bring you back to being present and will help you have great mental and spiritual clarity.’ Who wouldn’t want that?! Bring it on!
Their list of things you can do: ‘Writing; Meditation/self reflection; Walking or exercising (no music!); Something you love (example: for me it will likely be training for baseball); Anything else that you can do alone with little distraction’. Nice!


Picture from the small e-book you’ll receive from Collective Evolution.

Is the challenge too easy for you or would you like more input on what to do in that hour? I have some additional challenges for you! You can make a combo for bonus points.

30 Days Of Yoga

A friend told me about 30 Days Of Yoga, which is a playlist on YouTube containing videos with yoga exercises for a full month. The only thing you have to do is press play and yoga along. Awesome! Seems like a nice thing to do in your You Time. My friend writes: It’s very gentle yoga, with a lot of emphasis on self-kindness and adjusting to your body.

10 Steps to Living Your Wild Feminine Lifestyle

Another thing, for if you’re a woman: visit the website Wild Woman Speaks. You’re supposed to get a pop-up: ‘Subscribe to receive your free copy of my e-book “10 Steps to Living Your Wild Feminine Lifestyle”’. Do that. In the e-book you will find more ideas to do in your You Time. I’ll be good. (I only read through it for the first time yesterday, so I’m not pretending to be wild in any sense here – but I’d like to be!)
Tag line of Wild Woman Speaks: ‘Unleash & Embrace Your Wild Feminine Nature’. There’s some pretty nice content there. However: do now browse in your You Time! The e-book is a good start.


Last thing I’d like to mention here: tomorrow the Dutch VeggieChallenge starts, in which you can choose a challenge for yourself regarding eating more plant-based. The challenge will be for the month June and you will get tips and recipes via the website. The easiest challenge possibility will be eating vegetarian for one day a week and the hardest is eating vegan everyday for a month. What’s your challenge?

So, what do you think? Are you joining in on the 30 Days Of You Challenge? Or are you already completely balanced and/or taking enough time for yourself? I’d love to hear from you!


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