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March’s food diary

Respect for everyone who manages to write regularly – or do anything regularly, for that matter. My head tends to be pretty chaotic, so I don’t manage. Moreover, I do have more important things to share than ‘this is what I ate!’, but these’re also harder to put into words, etcetera. So here is some more food! I will try again to remember to make more (exciting) pictures. Here goes.

What an awesome find! Vegan8 is a food website on which Brandi posts recipes that are vegan, gluten-free, oil-free and made out of 8 ingredients or less. It’s all perfectly possible! You get to eat dishes like this: cacao black bean chili. I won’t say no to that! I have been looking forward to making and having chili so it was great to have this one popping up.


This recipe is so cool, for it is really simple and healthy and the secret ingredient cacao really deepens the taste. I was also really happy when the day after I could eat the leftovers with my then-ripe baby avocado. If it were for me, the potatoes would have been perfectly cube-shaped and more subtly put on top, of course, but then I would have also been serving dinner way too late for the time schedule – so thank you for helping, dear housemates. And we were having dinner in the garden! The sun is coming out!


After Christmas I told you about the cool salad I made out of Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and coconut and how I hadn’t found the time to take a picture. I made it again! A month ago already, while it was still in season, or that’s what I thought. It looks really cool because of the colour combinations, but not so much in the picture, sadly. I used this recipe from What’s Cooking Good Looking. (Mind the kitten!)

Did you know that when soaked in water for a quarter or so, chia seeds form a gel-like substance? This can then be used in baking to bind the ingredients together (as an ‘egg replacer’). Super cool! Chia is also being used in jam making! Thus far not by me, though.


Well, the Oh She Glows cookbook inspired me to instead of water use plant-based milk to soak chia seeds in! This makes the substance that comes out more creamy. Angela makes a mighty chia pudding parfait out of it. Mine was less fancy, but still nice!

When a friend announced to be planning a high tea for her birthday, I was a bit hesitant. ‘Well, as you know, I’m vegan and nut-allergic…’ But it turned out well!


Dudok served me tomato soup, sandwiches with hummus and all sorts of vegetables, poached pineapple and two bowls filled with wasabi covered peanuts and olives. I loved it! Especially the sandwiches.

I hope you enjoyed this post somehow! Further, in March I had this spiral vegetable pie that already got a post of its own. I also made a cool cauliflower slightly ‘cheesy’ sauce out of boiled and pureed cauliflower, soaked and pureed sunflower seeds, salt, pepper and nutritional yeast. The recipe also asked for mustard, but I couldn’t find it in the house. I didn’t save the recipe, so you have to go with this or search for it yourself. I ate it with mushrooms as recommended by a vegan in the Vegan Netherlands Facebook group (which is a huge inspiration source to me!). – And some chocolates and cakes and the weirdest flourless brownie which was more like pudding.  I’ll let you know once I find something new to be enthusiastic about!

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