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D is for Doing well

Why hello, I thought I’d shout out to you. Are you doing well? I have been busy researching and thinking, connecting some loose ends here and there. Here are again some of the things that have been playing in my mind. You’re welcome to share your own thoughts!

Vitamin D

I’ve been losing part of my energy on vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is among others important in fighting depression and sustaining your nerves and heart. Those are important functions! I have been feeling more cold and tired than usual and I am suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI) and I suspect there to be a correlation between the deficiency and these symptoms.

Your skin produces the vitamin when it is soaked in sunlight. In the Nordic countries, this time all the way down to the Netherlands, there’s simply not enough sunlight to enable your skin to produce this vitamin. You can also get some via your food, but this isn’t really sufficient.

That leaves you with the option to take supplements in the darker days. Please mind that the vitamin D3 supplements you can get in stores are most often made using sheep wool/lanoline. If you prefer vegan, you should search for vitamin D3 produced by lichens, like the ones of the brand Vitashine. You can also take D2, produced by mushrooms, but this seems to not be taken up too well by a significant group of people.

This is what I understand from the issue, but please do your own research. There’s also something with vitamin K and calcium which influence to which extent vitamin D is being absorbed, and it may also be possible to get too much of the vitamin, though, I don’t expect that to happen often.

Edit: a friend just recommended me this video: Is A Vegan Diet Vitamin D Deficient? by Bite Size Vegan in cooperation with Dr Michael Gregor of It’s very suitable for non-vegans as well! They actually say some different things than what I wrote down here about the functions of vitamin D. To stress the possible importance of vitamin D/D3, let me quote Dr Gregor: ‘Studies showing (…) optimal vitamin D levels (are) associated with the longer life have come from vitamin D3 studies, so I encourage people: D3 is better because we have data there.’ I haven’t seen those studies, but a longer life sounds good!

Saving Bees


Another thing that needs your attention are bees. It’s not going well with the bee population: in the Netherlands it’s declining yearly with 20 to 30% due to seeds and plants covered in toxic pesticides and larger distances between flowers the bees use for food. All of that happens while bees are such important creatures: they pollinate over 70% of the fruit and vegetable crops we consume here. Where would we be without these little bees?

But all it not lost! We can help the bees by planting bee-friendly flowers. Organic seeds are surely free from nasty pesticides, so use those to be safe. You can put the seed in a ball of loam soil or clay and compost – the seed bomb phenomenon – to enlarge the chance of the sprout being able to find enough nutrients to grow into the beautiful flower it wants to be. You can sow them wherever you think flowers are needed and where they will survive for long.

The species of flowers to sow depends on your area and the time of the year. Please consult the internet. Environmental NGOs for example should be able to inform you. I already found a WikiHow on seed bombs. I can’t give you further advice, for I haven’t done it yet, but I will do so in a few weeks!

I took this picture from a friend of mine – you can just tell it’s not mine. Thank you for the cute little bee, EJ.

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