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Favourites: Made in Heights & Before Sunrise

Here are two favourites I’d love to share with you today!

Music: Made In Heights


Made In Heights is a Los Angeles based music duo, adding hash tags as ‘mythical filth’, ‘pop fiction’ and ‘beauty slap’ to their songs on Soundcloud. Those terms didn’t mean anything to me, however, I can see how it fits to their music, with all the perfectly aligned samples and sounds creating something totally dreamy and mesmerizing, alternated with more upbeat and industrial parts. I love their songs so much. They have released the self-titled album Made In Heights in 2012 and already gave away five or six songs of their upcoming second album which ought to be released ‘in the beginning of 2015’. That shouldn’t take long, but until then I will happily continue playing the material that’s already there. It’s so good. I used to mainly listen to artists with male singers, but I actually really love Kelsey’s voice. I love singing myself and it’s amazing to sing their songs, because of the variations and the challenge. The music itself it also quite varied; I don’t think it will get boring ever. I just absolutely love it and I wish everyone would give it a listen. Picture taken from their Instagram. (So now you know what I’ve been up to lately: I’ve been listening and singing to Made In Heights.)

Movie: Before Sunrise Trilogy


In Before Sunrise (1995) we see how the French girl Celine and the American guy Jesse meet on a train. They get along so well, that they decide to spend the upcoming night together walking around in Vienna, until Jesse has to catch his plain back home. The movie follows the couple, not physically engaging in many activities, but going through a whole world of amazing conversations. There’s a lot of honesty, vulnerability, philosophy, psychology, ethics, spirituality, dreams, hopes, etcetera. I love the movie so much, because I can relate so well to the main characters. It truly feels as if I am them. The movie has been shot in 1995, but the themes they discuss are still as accurate today. I also just love their individual points of view: I love how Celine says that she feels as if she has always been an old woman, while Jesse feels as if he is really young and looking around with these puppy eyes. That was my interpretation; I love to see Jesse as a puppy dog. He also reminds me of my two American friends, which makes it all even better. There are so many reasons for me to love this movie. Before Sunrise is part of a trilogy, together with Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013). Before Sunset is about as nice as Before Sunrise and I have yet to see the third one. The movies are directed by Richard Linklater.

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