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February’s food diary

Have I already come to the point where I am not writing and my blog is just sitting here, holding its breath? I have started my studies and I haven’t managed yet to do the time management thing very well. Plus, my hands feel sensitive already from writing all the other highly important things.

Luckily there’s still food! I’ll just make this blog into a food diary then. There’s a huge demand for those. So, I don’t take pictures of my food very often, for multiple reasons. This is the humble collection I built over the past few weeks. Enjoy!


Kale and tempeh make such an awesome combination. I just fried it both, with some soy sauce and sesame seeds. This wasn’t the whole meal by the way, but the best looking part. There was also carrot salad with roasted sunflower seeds, raisins and a dressing made out of tahini, spelt syrup and lemon juice. I tried, but it doesn’t work in my pictures. So you’ll have to visualize. Use your taste buds!


Pumpkin hummus with sprouts! The pumpkin hummus is this one and the sprouts are alfalfa, two kinds of lentils and radish. It was a seed mixture package. I really love the combination of hummus and sprouts. It looks so festive! Especially this one. (I will just keep posting these pictures so they will grow in your unconscious mind and creep up to you when the time’s right.)


This is a curry with cauliflower, carrot, courgette, potatoes and lentils. I topped it with lots of nutritional yeast. It doesn’t look that good, but believe me: it was.


These are two awesome recipes everyone should know. The one on the left is for vegan mayonnaise and the right one is for vegan ‘cheese’ sauce. The ‘cheese’ sauce recipe comes from this Dutch blog degezondemama which translates to ‘thehealthymom’. My flatmates and me had it with broccoli from the oven and it was delicious! They begged me to put it next to the mayonnaise recipe on the kitchen door. That recipe is really nice as well! ‘Soy’ is underlined, because it didn’t work with oat milk when we tried. It also once didn’t work another time for me, though, maybe because the soy milk was too cold still? Boo. But all other times it did work!


This was my awesome (second) lunch of today! It made me so enormously happy. So, it’s home made hummus, chickpeas, pak choi, sprouts (taugé. That’s not a bean. Moyashi?), cucumber, spinach and in the middle store-bought mango chutney! Jeeeh. It made me so happy that I had it twice on the same day. The first time was a take away, but making it again gave me the opportunity to picture it. Ha!

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    • Ah yeah I didn’t answer here, but I already told you. It’s basically everything that I wrote down here, possibly with onions and garlic and some spices like cumin and turmeric, some salt and pepper, or vegetable stock. 🙂 I am making something similar tonight! Love it.


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