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Gingered Brussels Sprouts

Okay, so I might not be the perfect person to give you very regular updates on anything. The thing is that I am actually quite perfectionistic and want to give you the good stuff. But what’s that? The really cool, new things everybody is talking about? So then, won’t it then already be old news for you? How would I know? Etcetera.

For now I’d like to give you this ultra simple recipe.


That’s just Brussels sprouts in a bowl. With some yellow things. Yes, it’s true. The yellow things are ginger chunks. To achieve this bowl of Brussels sprouts and ginger chunks, you do this:

  1. Prepare Brussels sprouts: Cut off the end of the stem, remove and/or clean the dirty outer leaves. If the sprouts are big, carve the stem side with a knife to enhance ‘heat penetration’.
  2. Peel ginger and cut into pieces.
  3. Heat some oil in a pan and fry the ginger pieces a bit.
  4. Add to the pan a small amount of water and the Brussels sprouts. Bring to a boil, so that the sprouts will be slightly cooked and steamed. When the water has disappeared, you can add some more oil. This will make the sprouts more crunchy.
  5. When crunchy enough, place sprouts and ginger in a bowl.

Brussels sprouts are very popular in the Netherlands! They grow here in winter time, so it’s very environmentally friendly and affordable to eat them. Plus they come with all these great health benefits, like vitamin C and other stuff.

I don’t know if it’s conventional to combine oil and water like this (the water will splutter), but I think it doesn’t do much harm and it seems as if that way the water disappears more quickly, and I like that. You can also just start with only water and add the oil when the water has vanished. Or don’t use any oil at all.

The take home message goes: Brussels sprouts and ginger go great together. Like my roommate commented: ‘This way the sprouts don’t taste bitter at all!’ Paraphrased: ‘Brussels sprouts and ginger go great together!’

I seem to have lost the charger of my camera. I’m still hoping it will crop up sometime soon. That’s why the picture could have been sharper, but couldn’t.
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