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How to love your Avocados

Have you fallen in love with the avocado yet? Well, the rest of the world has! As for me: I didn’t fall hard at once. At first, I didn’t like him that much. He was a bit of a weirdo and even though I tend to like weirdos, I just didn’t know how to approach him! But with a little effort and help of my friends I got to know him better and now I absolutely adore him. He is such a sweetie! (Though, not so sweet.)

Well, this is me being your friend, pointing out the avocado’s best qualities so you can start loving him as well. Isn’t that great? The more love, the merrier!

baby avocados

Organic baby avocados from Spain – I love their colours.

Avocados are so immensely popular mainly because of their taste, creamy texture and nutritional values. They contain lots of healthy fats (unsaturated ones, and some Omega-3 as well as Omega-6), fibers and all kinds of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. Nutrition Data gives you the complete facts here.

Most people like their avocados raw. They are still edible after cooking, but there are stories about the fatty acids ‘degrading’ in nutritional value when heated. Plus, the texture and taste seem to change, for the worse? I haven’t tried heating them much.

Avocados have a huge, heavy stone inside. You use it to grow a plant. You do that using this this water technique. Don’t expect your plant to give fruits any time soon or ever, but love him for who he is. Don’t forget to water him from time to time.

Now, let’s look at how you can eat those weirdos. You eat avocados when they are ripe, when they give in just a little when you squeeze them. They stay unripe longer when kept in the fridge and they ripen more quickly when kept next to bananas. You can prevent browning of the flesh by using lemon juice.

Avocado ideas

  • as an avocado

Cut lengthwise in half. Add salt and pepper. Use a spoon.

  • as bread topping

A lot of people love to eat avocado on their bread! If it is ripe enough, you can spread it. I find that really cool. You can also cut it to slices and add all the things you like. Like salt and pepper.

  • guacamole


In the Mexican kitchen we see avocado being used in guacamole! This is a dip made with pureed avocado as a base. You can add salt/sea salt, tomato, onion, garlic, lemon or lime juice, pepper, herbs, spices. Just make sure the avocado is ripe or soft enough and use some kind of blender to at least blend the avocado. You can consider adding the other ingredients later. (The version in the picture obviously hasn’t been blended at all.)

I already love really easy and simple versions. It’s just so creamy and fresh! I also think it’s great in the Mexican cuisine, to freshen up the beans and spices. It’s great in wraps!

  •  in a salad

Chop into pieces and use in a salad! I like it in combination with sprouts and hemp seeds, to add more of the fresh green colours (depending on the sprouts of course), protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Too much? Nah. Oh, don’t forget cucumber! If we’re making a true salad salad here. Maybe some pickles or peppers? (…)

  • avocado pasta

Use pureed avocado as a base for pasta sauce! You can add things like pesto, spinach, bassilicum and pine nuts to it. Oh, if you go there, consider sun dried tomatoes. (That’s a classic! Without the avocado of course.) Or use whatever you please! If you believe it’s better nutrition-wise to not heat the sauce, you can add it to warm, freshly boiled pasta, so it will warm up just enough!

Personally, I prefer the avocado just in pieces when eating it with pasta, instead of pureed. But then it’ll be less of a ‘sauce’ of course. And I also had cold salads with avocado puree in combination with quinoa or bulgur wheat. It’s all awesome.

  • in smoothies

Again, add avocados to make it creamy. And healthy. Ha! Plus, the taste isn’t so distinct that you notice it, so it always fits with the other ingredients. (Bananas, other fruits, greens like spinash or kale, superfoods, coconut milk…)

  • chocolate mousse

The most awesome discovery: HEALTHY chocolate mousse! I expected this to be a scam, but it’s not. It works and it’s delicious. A friend of mine uses a recipe that calls for one avocado, two bananas, melted dark/vegan chocolate, cacao powder and agave syrup.

Though, lately I had half an avocado and a banana and decided chocolate mousse it would be, but besides the cacao powder I didn’t have the other ingredients at hand. So now I know it also works with just more cacao powder, spelt syrup, tahini and coconut oil! How could it not? Of course you can substitute spelt syrup for other liquid sweeteners, like maple syrup or date syrup. (I don’t know the amounts I used, because it was such a gigantic process with a lot of evaluations and adaptations until I found it to be perfect. I will get back to you once I got it all figured out!)

More ideas

I have also heard of these:

Well, I hope this brought to you some new ideas! It sure did to me! Avocado ice cream, ha!

Let’s conclude my writing by showing off my avocado plant:


Personal note: I haven’t been writing much and that’s partly due to me having been busy with other things as well as my hand and wrist hurting and me being afraid of risking serious injuries like repetitive strain injury (RSI). I hope you don’t hate me for it! I’ll keep trying to regularly bring you some good stuff. (And to gather more pictures to include in my posts. Oh, well.)

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