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Veganuary – try vegan this January

From the category resolutions, do you have ‘try vegan for a month’? If not, you may consider getting it, for January is the perfect time to practice! People from all over the globe are signing up for the second edition of Veganuary and pledge to try veganism for the month of January. If you do so, aside from experiencing the benefits of veganism itself, you’ll get extra, special support via the Veganuary website, in the form of lots of information, directions, ideas, inspiration – Veganuary also comes with their own Facebook page to keep you happy and motivated.

In case you’re asking: ‘why vegan?’ Veganuary sums up the reasons: animals, health, nutrition and environment. They know pretty well what they’re talking about! You still don’t? Check out their website and go to ‘WHY’.

Still not convinced? Go check out their recipe section. That’s always a good idea. It contains recipes from all over the world, for example in the categories French Cuisine, Greek Cuisine, Turkish and Middle Eastern Cuisine, Caribbean Cuisine and as much as 107 recipes in British Cuisine! Veganuary is a Brittish initiative, you see.

These two are from the Mexican Cuisine:

Chilli Vegetable Pizza

Refried Beans with Corn Tortillas

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy the vegan food and I wish you good luck!

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