Space invader #2: to speak your truth

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I have come to learn that my judgement, intuition and wisdom are among the most valuable things I have to offer the world. Some time ago I described myself as ‘harmony-seeking quiet observer learning to speak loud and clear when needed’, which you may read below my blog posts. Earlier, in Space invader #1, I already wrote that I was learning to take up space. Now I am learning to speak my truth.

My self-description is so accurate: so to not disturb the current balance I would often retreat in silence. But now I have come to see that ‘the current balance’ is often a state of imbalance – my contributions are needed to restore actual balance!

One characteristic of spiritual growth or spiritual people is to become or be free of shyness, to be confident about speaking the truth. I have read this multiple times and I believe it is true. Being able to speak your truth is a quality to obtain through spiritual growth or personal development.

“Wise men say that rushing is violence and so is your silence when it’s rooted in compliance”Rising Appalachia in ‘Medicine’

This is similar to what I wrote earlier about taking up space in my post Space invader #1: the first insights. Whereas that post was mostly focused on physical space, this new post focuses on speaking your truth, which results from being able to take up space. I believe that learning to take up space is needed to be able to speak your truth.

In this post I will illustrate the importance of speaking your truth. Speaking your truth is important, not only to you but also to others and the world.

As stated, I have often been silenced by others or by myself. Like many people and mostly women, I have learned to be quiet, polite and compliant. My go-to method would always be to retreat. In my withdrawal, I did lots of analysing and ‘dissecting’ so to understand occurring situations and mostly occurring people. This behaviour served me quite well, for it resulted in (for me) great understanding of the world and people around me.

But now is the time to share my understanding with others and thereby change the world. And now these others don’t only include my usual peers but everyone.

I don’t mean to say that I know everything better than others. I do mean that all contributions are valuable and so are mine and yours. When people withhold from sharing their insights, they thereby actually limit growth of themselves and others.

This is explained and illustrated in the novel The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Throughout this book nine ‘spiritual insights’ are explored, and being open and honest are integral parts of several insights. The main character tends to be aloof and insecure and therefore not share his thoughts with others, because he doesn’t regard them as important (oh how recognizable to me!). His ‘shyness’ obstructs the natural flow of the conversation, leading to awkward silences where could have been a lively, interesting conversation. As a result, the conversation partners miss out on knowledge and insights – and fun too.


Knowledge and insights can be brought to us through others. This makes perfect sense: we can all learn from each other, we actually do this all the time, and we can enhance each others learning processes. (There is more to this; this process works best if you maintain a ‘meditative state’ and direct energy flows in certain ways. I aimed to loosely illustrate this in the image above: you can lift each others energy or consciousness. Look up other sources about this, like The Celestine Prophecy or its Experiential Guide.)

Another illustration is the recent #metoo campaign, which totally shocked me. It was shocking to learn how many women have experienced harassment and assault and tricky to go back to my personal unprocessed feelings.

I personally recall two experiences in which a man assaulted me. I find it hard to judge these experiences. I tend to automatically add that ‘the assaults’ weren’t so bad, so to prevent people from worrying about me or feeling sorry for me. I now actually find my feelings about these occurrences ridiculous: I felt that I was supposed to hide such events and my feelings thereof so to not bother others. I felt shame, about being too trustful or too naive so that it happened, about apparently being  ‘sexually attractive’ to these particular men.

The occurrence of such acts does have a huge impact and not only through these ‘incidents’, because they are in fact no incidents. These events and the apparent widespread misjudgement of the seriousness thereof are part of something bigger: of institutional sexism.

The #metoo campaign illustrates that women and other ‘minorities’ are often silenced and how such processes can occur in societies and in individuals. Awareness of these processes and of how they manifest in you are needed to transcend them and to empower yourself and others.

I believe that everything I experience is a reflection of our world (or universe) and our culture. In the assault cases, I assumed that these were my experiences with which I had to deal by myself. I decided to not bother others with it, so to not make it bigger. While there is sense to that rationale, it is also untrue. These assaults are not my problem alone. Most of all, they come forth of problems in the involved men. Their problems come forth of their perception of the world, which is influenced by their surroundings. Much like my perception is shaped by my surroundings. Thus, our general culture may as well be the main problem.

In this rationale, treating these assaults as ‘my problems only’ and handling them in solitude does not accurately respond to the situation or actual problem. This approach only affects me and others indirectly through my altered perception of the world. This approach does not actually solve the problem! And imagine if millions of women handle like this! We all take personal responsibility for these occurrences but do not fully recognize the involvement of other people and address them too.

This is what happened. All these women were processing these occurrences and the sexism they endure mostly in silence. This approach does not allow for enough support, because women do not share their experiences with each other and thereby cannot support each other. Also, this non-sharing leads to a distorted image of how many women are affected, which allows for too little recognition of the severity of the problem.

The bottom line: our voices are ever important. For us to be able to work on the problems in the world, we need to recognize the problems in ourselves and take them seriously, for they are a reflection of much larger problems in our world. Taking our personal problems seriously and knowing that we are not the only ones experiencing them allows us to talk about it: to support and be supported. These important conversations contribute to identifying and realizing solutions.

Have you ever heard of a problem only one person had?

I believe that ‘single problems’ do not exist. Problems that seem small are likely part of a bigger problem that manifests itself in many individuals. Thus, recognizing and working on your problems contributes to the happiness of others too! Through helping yourself and supporting others.

As a personal note and disclaimer I may mention that I am pretty introverted and I find it hard to adapt to groups of people, as I wrote before in Space invader #1 and in Introversion in social movements. However I am very strict about telling the truth. I am aloof too, like the main character of The Celestine Prophecy, but I practice being more straight-forward and saying the things I deem important for the other to hear, even though the person may not like to hear it at first.

This is a complex theme and much can be said. I choose to leave it like this for now (in 1,414 words, ha). If you wish to add stuff, please do. This post was pretty general, but I may write sequels about more specific ‘practices’, situations or issues related to this. So stay tuned to not miss out. 😉

This post features a drawing of my new shiny Tumblr art blog Ninaeace! The apparent credits aim to promote my blog, so race over there for some drawings/paintings!

The picture shows beautifully coloured bushes on the university campus!

Reclaim your brain using funny tape

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This awesome activity can be performed at home and you only need tape to do it: cover up all unwanted brand logos and names in your house! This allows you to experience more peace and joy in your home.

Have you ever deliberately focused on all visible brand logos in your kitchen or bathroom? If you do so, you will likely find that there are plenty. Normally, they’re not too catchy or disturbing so you may not notice them consciously, however, they may distract you unconsciously! For example, every time you use the fridge, your brain may register the fridge’s brand name. And not only the fridge’s, but the brand names of all kitchen equipments! And what about the sink, toilet and shower? That poor brain of yours, wasting energy on registering stuff you don’t even want!

The solution? Get rid of those silly advertisements in your house! Actually removing them may be impossible or cause damage. So the preferred option is to cover the brand names with tape! As stated, doing so is a very fun activity. Besides, I find it to be very nourishing too. It’s lovely to see how the brand logos gradually disappear from your sight and how this actually allows for more tranquillity.

We used tape with flowers, cats and sheep, but you can choose! Using funny, colourful tapes like we did may bring more chaos to your home, but I personally do not perceive it as such. Seeing the tapes makes me happy and I like it! It even makes me feel like a rebel, more than plain tapes would. (And I could use a bit more rebel at times!) Nevertheless, I assume that many others would find these tapes disturbing, so please do what suits you best. Note that non see-through tape is best for this purpose.

Also funny: you may get surprised by the process of ‘discovering’ and then covering logos taking several weeks – these bastards can be very subtle and well-hidden!

That said, I hope that through reading this article you became enthusiastic about ‘the practice’. Another option is that you became hyper-aware of the promotion in your house and you will not be able to un-see the previously unseen logos, and soon the logos will drive you mad. I am sorry if I contributed to ruining your peace of mind. However, remember that consciousness is needed to transcend! So, reclaim your power and fight the companies that use your house and brain as their billboards, cover ’em up! And don’t forget to enjoy!


Must-see documentary: The Goddess Project

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Art / film

I urge you to go see The Goddess Project, if you haven’t seen it yet. I am tremendously positive and enthusiastic about it and I know why.

The movie is a compilation of the most powerful pieces of conversation the film makers had with over 100 women in the US. I am so happy this documentary is made. The things that are said are SO enormously important for everyone to hear, to know. The themes that are addressed in the documentary are SO real and important.

The movie is very moving. I cried at least three times while watching it. I cried from grief, from sadness and anger, from understanding, from inspiration and from celebration. I cried from love.

I will definitely watch The Goddess Project again. I wish for everyone to see it. I wish for everyone to find their way in this life and in this world, and for everyone to find support and be supported. This movie absolutely contributes to the sense of support. We are in this together, peepz. ❤

You can also organise a screening of The Goddess Project. I already contacted the local movie theatres about screening it. One theatre was already considering having it, so that may happen, and otherwise I’ll organise a ‘special screening’ in collaboration with them. 🙂 Let’s make it happen!

Watch the trailer and more on the The Goddess Project website.

I love you!



PS I may be experiencing some extra happy hormones right now, because I just gave the final presentation of my MSc thesis! I’ve been working on the thesis for SO long that this feels like an enormous liberation. Thank you for bearing with me.

Kitchen cosiness or cosinus

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Food / sustainability

There appears to be this trend of infusing our homes with natural materials and items, so to counter the hardening, digitalising world. I can’t say much about trends, but this is an interesting development! Hopefully this is not just a temporary hype of consuming mass-produced nature-like products – and posting pictures thereof on social media and blogs. I hope that we Western people are getting back to nature, for real.

Anyhow, here are some natural or nature-helping things that I am happy about having entered my home.

Home-dried apples, from our new drying machine with which veggies and fruits can be dried so to preserve them. We haven’t tried much, but I suspect apples to remain my favourites. (BTW, it is possible to build drying machines outside, so to use sunlight. That is so dry.) Also in the picture: harvested pumpkin and patisson seeds, and ‘stew pears’.

‘Capers’ of Tropaeolum majus from our garden. This plant goes by many names (garden nasturtium, Indian cress and monks cress) and is incredibly edible (flowers, leafs, roots, seeds!). The unripe seeds can be preserved in vinegar and used as one would use capers. They also have a really nice shape: they cling together with three seeds and they look kinda spirally.

Sprouting machine! I’ve been mentioning edible sprouts a lot here, and now I have to top if off: there are awesome jar constructions available so to make home-sprouting easier! This one is from GERMLINE and the lid is designed to keep the jar tilted, so to drain the water from the jar. This is a lot easier than having to improvise some cheese cloth or else. (In the jar in the picture are lentil sprouts.)

KeepCup re-usable cup! This brand creates and sells re-usable cups to bring to places where ‘normally’ drinks are served in paper of plastic one-time-use cups, so to decrease the environmental impact of ‘to go’ drinks! I’ve been ‘waiting’ for such a cup with lid to cross my path – and there it was: a Design Your Own KeepCup stand! So I get to choose the colours myself, how nice! It was quite an undertaking really, because of the many options. But ain’t it pretty?! I see that you can also choose the colours yourself if you order from the website.

Not in the pictures but relevant (for me): (birthday) pumpkin pie, beautiful colourful forest in autumn, stewed pears, apple sauce, the wines and ciders my boyfriend is making, the current looks of our garden (with loads of mulch!).

How are you doing?

Cosinus? I’m looking into sacred geometry. Got any thoughts about this?

All one

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“Long ago the word alone was treated as two words, all one. To be all one meant to be wholly one, to be in oneness, either essentially or temporarily.”Clarissa Pinkola Estés, p. 316 in Women Who Run With the Wolves

Expected lessons from personal growth program

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Hello lovelies,

I want to write about some recent personal experiences surrounding the possible enrolment in an online ‘personal/spiritual development’ program. It was the first time that I seriously considered participating in such an e-course. I had encountered ‘similar’ programs before, but due to the high investments of money and time I never saw it as an option. This time when I found this program it felt more plausible for me to join. In the end I decided against joining the program. I would like to share why, because I harvested various valuable lessons here.

It’s a lengthy post, but you can follow the headings and ‘side-notes’ if you prefer.


Several identified things contributed to my enthusiasm about this program. First, I like and trust the person that organizes it. I have been reading her newsletters and watched her videos and I trust her judgement concerning which information is valuable to receive and in which way, etcetera.

Next, I would appreciate some consistency in my like. This program would last for a long time period and I think that it would be nice to have long-term guidance. A lot will happen for me in the following year, including the influential event of finishing my studies and all that comes after. So, I could use some extra consistency there. Through this program someone or multiple people could help me to have a vision for the future, so that I don’t end up dangling in this black hole of nothingness.

This program would help me to actually DO it. I’m pretty chaotic and I find it difficult to organize my time and so to effectively take time for certain things, including time for myself. I tend to be pretty flexible and ‘loose’ in my planning, due to which I often end up doing not so much. So I could use some extra motivation to better prioritize and organize my activities. I think this program would help me, because of the high investments, the support in various forms, the continuity of the lessons, and the perceived ‘pressure’ of keeping up.


There are so many possibilities to connect locally, in person.

One of the bigger selling points of the program is the online sisterhood through which participants support each other. Everyone follows the same program, so everyone is like-minded and understanding. This sisterhood is mostly organized as a Facebook group. As you understand from this blog, I highly value the possibilities of the internet and of using it for connecting with others and for personal growth. However, in my case: I feel that there are so many possibilities regarding connecting with people locally and I highly prefer connecting in person then joining an online group. I understand that this can be different for different people in different surroundings, but for me I suspect that the added value is actually quite low. Additionally, because the program was US-based, most of the participants are likely to live in the US, which may contribute to me feeling distanced from them, because I am living in Europe.

There are so many lessons available all the time.

And actually I feel that there are so many lessons available for me all the time. It takes effort, willpower and courage to harvest them, but I think that I can do it in my own way. The program will probably help me identifying some lessons sooner, but it is certainly not the only way. For example, I started to loosely use the 13 Moon Calendar and there is so much wisdom in that. I think that incorporating this wisdom would mean a lot for a person. So I may as well focus on that instead of ‘doing multiple things’ at the same time.

I may as well use the same amount of money for other activities that contribute to my personal development.

Also, the financial investment was quite large. Although personal growth is of enormous value, this does not mean that investing in such a course is the best option. Me considering joining the program made me realize this: apparently I was willing to make such a large financial investment – without knowing the exact details or outcomes. This means that if I do not join, this amount of money would remain available for me to use for personal development investments, because it had become available in my perception. Do you follow? If I could potentially spend it on this personal development program, I can also not do that and instead spend it on other personal development investments! Perhaps on multiple smaller investments, that would potentially serve me better in this time.

I may as well use the time for ‘to me valuable’ activities – offline.

Additionally, the time that it would take to attend the program, mainly the online training videos and such, suddenly got available for other important things. Of course the amount of time I will have did not change, but my perception thereof altered slightly. If I think I can spend time on this program, alternatively I can spend this time on anything else. This may not make much sense, but it does a little! I may as well take up a hobby or other regular activity that helps me to relax, to be mindful, to connect, to be healthy and fit. I am pretty chaotic time-wise, so I like this way of thinking.

It would be good for me to spend less time with computers or other screened gadgets. I like writing blogs, sure, but I’d rather take up an additional offline activity than something for which I háve to be online (even if I don’t feel like it at that time). I mean, the ‘spiritual lessons’ are out there in the world and you don’t need the internet to find them. (In contrast, you do need the internet to write blogs about your insights and reach people through that. Oh yeah.)


I think to know some of the lessons I would learn through the program.

I realised that I actually think to know multiple of the most important lessons that I would learn through the program! These lessons include: If you want something: go get it, ask for it, create it. You can spend money and time on activities that are valuable to you and your personal growth, you even should. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is very valuable, especially if you are able to discuss your personal development processes and if you can support each other – and hold each other accountable. So you should find these people and connect with them. Practice connecting with yourself. You can trust your intuition and your judgement. You don’t have to do what others expect or want you to do. Getting out of your comfort zone, getting uncomfortable, will help you grow. You are powerful. Challenges are there to overcome, to help you grow. You are here to create a better world.

So then why not harvest these lessons now and live them?


Obviously that is too easy, but I am certain that I will get there. And that new lessons will come around. I guess the hardest part is to keep ‘working’ and that having someone or something pushing you to do so is a great advantage (of ‘such a program’). Though, having identified these lessons now from my process of consideration already helps me to live them. Win!


This is a good moment to state that I don’t mean to say that online programs like this have no value. I think they can be very valuable. I shared my experience because I think there is value in that too, not because it is the ultimate truth or the only possible experience or judgement – or because it is equally valuable as joining an online course. I am certain that I would have learnt a lot through the program, but for me now it does not feel like the best option.

Also, I wrote this post partially because I personally felt resistance at the way this online course was promoted; as if it was the uttermost best option for anyone interested in personal or spiritual growth, and if not joining would be a mistake. I understand that that is how to get costumers, but it didn’t feel true for me. There are many paths of personal development. Sure, accepting help is great, but is does not necessarily have to be in this single format. So through this post I am making the opposite noise (in Dutch: tegengeluid), I’m advocating the other side, because I felt that some nuances were missing.

However, I would love to follow a course around the theme of feminine power or female sexuality sometime! Maybe that would suit me better than a more general course, though, maybe not. I will keep my eyes open for opportunities and synchronicities.

So, how about you? Did you ever consider to join an online course like this or did you even do it?! I am curious to hear about your experiences! Also, if you found this blog post of any value, please share! I would love to have more of a sense of community around my blog and similar blogs or sources. If you do too, please join! The investment is very low here. 🙂


Image through eommina on Pixabay

Your Galactic Signature

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Earlier I hinted at the 13 Moon Calendar, writing that a new year was starting and that I didn’t really know what that was all about. I’m guessing most of you haven’t checked it out, or have you? Well, I certainly have! And I will happily share my findings until now.

As usual, I will stick to the things that I personally experienced and leave many factual details out. The latter you can find elsewhere on the web or in books.

“Learn the secret of having time.”

The basics: The 13 Moon Calendar represents natural time. Every day has a solar seal and a tone, which have to do with the energy of respectively the sun and the moon. There are 20 solar seals and 13 tones. So in total there are 260 possible combinations or kins. Each of these 260 days has a different energy, which influences us people! We can learn to use these different energies to our benefit.


The 20 solar seals. Source:

Solar seals all represent certain qualities, lessons or skills. Tones represent the 13 steps of a process, from defining purpose to resting at the end of it. So there is a lot of wisdom in this calendar!

One really cool feature is the ‘horoscope’ or ‘Galactic Signature’, which is based on your date of birth – and the associated kin number. In my case this is solar seal White Wind and tone 13 Crystal. And people can be sceptical all they want, but I feel it! The descriptions of this seal and tone are very right for me.

In the booklet that I have, 13-moon short guide by Nicole E. Zonderhuis and Sylvia Carrilho, is written that these ‘horoscopes’ can give you a lot of insight in your own personality, your skills and challenges and such, and also into your relationships. And YES, I do recognize my personality, skills and challenges from the descriptions! It helped me become more comfortable with who I am, really. In the book is also written: ‘You are a gift to life itself.’ Everyone has their own valuable qualities. We all have our own skills and wisdom to add the world. That’s wonderful! We don’t have to be everything ourselves, we can be everything together! And learn from each other, support each other.

The solar seals are also related to each other in different ways: so that other seals ‘represent’ your challenges (antipode), your shadow side (occult) and your soul mate (analog) and guide (guide). Additionally, everyone has a wavespell of destiny which starts with a particular solar seal and has a certain ‘development process’, which takes place throughout your life. Probably, the lessons of this solar seal play an important role in your life. So, in addition to tracking your own seal and tone, you can learn what you are learning in this life! Getting more insight in what the themes of you life are sure helps a lot.

I have found much truth in the horoscope, for myself, the people around me and our relationships. The energies or teachings of the solar seals all have truth and value, but some are more present or important for a person than others. For me the horoscope, including the ‘related seals’, seems very true. They represent themes that are of importance in my life. I am still figuring out my path, and the horoscope helps me to do so.

Your finding may also be that the horoscope does not fit your personality. Especially sceptical people may expect that. Well, even then you can find a lot of valuable lessons in the calendar! A valuable lesson for me is in my wavespell of destiny: Blue Monkey, which teaches us to be playful. Indeed, I tend to get very serious, while I may as well be playful and have a good time. This is a good lesson for me and many others! For you maybe?

Also, I found myself surrounded by people with White solar seals! I think this is pretty funny and not a coincidence. I do like to be with like-minded people and now it seems that according to the 13 Moon Calendar some people are more like-minded than others, and that some combinations of people work better than others.

Thus, it is super interesting and nice to play with! I don’t fully grasp how to use the calendar on a day-to-day basis, but that is fine. I did start tracking the moon cycle, which is pretty nice – and part of the 13 Moon Calendar, of course.

Wanna play? Go here to find your Galactic Signature!

And let me know what your signature is! Especially if you are a White (Crystal) Wizard, for then you are my guide. Or if I know you in person, so that I can judge you for it. 😉

Happy animals

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Lovely people, lovely animals,

Several times a year I obtain the physical newsletter of the NGO Wakker Dier (Awake Animal), which aims to improve the lives of animals in animal farms. In this newsletter they show their ongoing campaigns and their successes. What I also like is that they show pictures of animals in good places, to show how it can be done, how it should be. Animals deserve to live under good conditions and to be happy. Just like we do. We are animals too.

Every time I see these beautiful pictures of happy animals I am reminded of how great these animals are. I appreciate them so much. Therefore, I wanted to share some happy animals with you today on World Animal Day!

If you are into animals or have friends who are, you may get overloaded with animal pictures and videos on a daily basis – both happy and painful. My own defence mechanism that I employ regularly is to ignore all these images, because it’s just too much.

So, here is one little cuty that is hard to ignore! I hope you’ll enjoy its face.

If you prefer watching videos: here is a beautiful one by the NGO Compassion in World Farming, which they also shared especially today. It takes some minutes. I’m playing it for the fourth time while making this post. That’s a nice illustration of how not to concentrate.

I just told you about my defence mechanism. So I tend to do that when being confronted with images of animals in factory farms under horrible circumstances. I want to share with you that it took a long time for me to fully realise the following: those mistreated animals in factory farms are the same animals as animals living under ‘happy’ circumstances. The difference is not in the animals, but in how they are treated. I used to feel so much distance between me and those mistreated animals. This distance was caused by the harsh circumstances in which the animals were treated as things. So when I saw these images, I found it hard to fully relate to them. I feel a little uncomfortable admitting this, but it is true.

It was when I volunteered at an animal sanctuary, dedicated to giving former factory farm animals a home and taking care of them well, that I fully connected with them. Being so close to them allowed me to fully acknowledge the animals as they were. This mattered, because then my intellectual knowledge was complemented by the experience of connection, by experiential knowledge. And experiences or experiential knowledge can be more valuable than intellectual knowledge!

Connection is such an important thing. It is important among humans, but it goes further than that. I miss being with non-human animals really. I should spend more time with them! There’s my resolution for the new year. Let’s make it a World Animal Year! 🙂

See you soon!


PS Here is my previous post on my visit to Finland and sanctuary Tuulispää and on how it changed me.

PPS Image through Pixabay. This one is real cute too: two piglets!

Beans and berries from the garden

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In the pictures: beautiful beans from our garden; the use of an egg holder for tea eggs; large sunbathing pumpkins; blackberries from the garden; oatmeal with self-made blackberry jam and blueberries. ☀ The pumpkins are from the garden too – we’re so happy and proud! Some were probably harvested too early, hence the sunbathing. ☀ Jam is made using agar agar for the consistency and it worked fine. Oatmeal has banana, flax seeds, chia seeds  and raisins inside. ☀

Have a good day!

PS Several new pictures are added to the Food Gallery too! Let me know if you still miss a particular something there.